Skate 3 the end of a trilogy + EA Black Box Working on Several New Titles

GameZone's Dakota Grabowski visited EA Black Box in Vancouver to see Skate 3 up close and walked away with an interview with Skate 3 Online Producer Brian Lindley who revealed that Skate 3 is looked as the end of a trilogy and that EA Black Box has several titles in the pipeline.

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Yi-Long2963d ago

... and was planning to pick this game up.

Then I saw the PSN-Store update, saw that there was already 25 euro worth of DLC being sold for this game (that's out THIS WEEK(!)), and thought: Screw them!

Just when you though DLC-scamming couldn't get any lower, along comes Skate 3 to proof us all wrong.

Are Activision, EA, Ubisoft and Capcom having a contest among themselfs about which company can screw over their loyal customers the most!?

Dnied2963d ago

actually you dont miss much with this DLC

1 is for all the items auto unlocked in the game so unless you're super lazy or super busy you dont need it

another 1 is for you to have more webspace to host videos, and to host them at a higher resolution (like halo 3 media uploads) so I think that's a fair thing to pay for and it's only a one time payment

That's about it.. not too bad

MysticStrummer2963d ago

Yeah the Time is Money DLC is just to unlock everything without doing the challenges. The Share DLC actually came included with the game, and by that I mean the code was inside the box, not given to me by the Game Stop guy. Not sure if that will be the same everywhere, but I wasn't expecting it because I remember it was paid DLC for Skate 2.

alphakennybody2963d ago

good cus skating games are getting boring.

playstation_clan2963d ago

his games are getting worse and worse ever year

alphakennybody2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

I remember the golden days of Tony hawk pro skater 3 then it went downhill afterwards.

AlexC2963d ago

THPS 1 and 2 were the best! :P

Sarobi2963d ago

I Stopped buying new Tony hawk games after proving ground, i still play Tony Hawks Pro skater 4 and Underground way to much

Caspel2963d ago

Skate 3 is a great series. It came and went though in a hurry.

athmaus2963d ago

looks good...but im bored on skate games...

Dnied2963d ago

I was bored till skate 3 came out lol

question is... what more could they do?! lol

Any attempt at another skate game would just be improved create a park I'd think... better graphics?

Yi-Long2963d ago

... more interesting original city (fictional asian city), better character-creation center, better graphics and lighting and soundtrack and everything. Maybe make it possible to play with your XBL-avatar. Etc etc etc.

zanzibarlegend2963d ago

skate has been an awesome ride. im sure once i pick up skate3 i will platinum the game and still play the game. its just that addictive.

please for the love of all things Black Box.....


you guys made skateboarding games worth playing again, please rescue the snowboard game genre.

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The story is too old to be commented.