retroSpect Head2Head: Street Fighter III 3rd Strike

Lens of Truth writes, " Welcome to the Lens of Truth’s first attempt at a Retrospect Head2Head. Now before anyone gets excited, we decided to start off this new section with a game almost every person should have heard of once in their life, and that’s Street Fighter. With Super Street Fighter IV rocking the industry as we speak, we thought it’s the prime time to focus or lens on its predecessor, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike. Stick around as we step back a few years and crown our first retrospect Head2Head champion."

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Baron792841d ago

This is incredible! Great H2H FROM the H2H originators, can't wait to see more! Dreamcast will embarrass all who oppose it BTW!

squallsoft2841d ago

I agree. I cannot wait to see more of these!

RudeSole Devil2841d ago

Can't wait to see more of these retro Head2Heads.

Kuzo2841d ago

Never had the dreamcast but the owners I've met swear it was the best console. This head to dead definitely favors them.

Joe Bomb2841d ago

One of the best SF's ever! Always knew the Dreamcast had a solid version.

Sea_Man2841d ago

Can you imagine if they did X-men vs Street fighter for PlayStation 1 VS Saturn!. Then I might have to donate my liver to them!!

RudeSole Devil2841d ago

Are you kidding the PlayStation version would crush the Saturn version. The PlayStation was way more powerful than the Saturn......

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