Watch Out 3D! 3.5D To Be Shown At E3

3D has the industry going crazy right now. Who knew that in June of 2010, we would be able to experience 3.5D at E3?

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Pein2964d ago

the new gen is here!

Corepred42964d ago

nah, seems like its only for PC. PC is lame imo, I'll stick with the more comfortable controller.

eggbert2964d ago

it's impossible to use a controller to play games on the PC.

butterfinger2964d ago

Thank you, eggbert. There are plenty of reasons to hate on PC gaming, but controller comfort has to be one of the stupidest I've ever heard.

Pandamobile2964d ago

Lol Corepred doesn't seem to understand one of the fundamental principles of PC gaming.


You can use a controller if you want to. You can lounge on your couch and play if you want to.

xDaRkModEx2964d ago

and you can connect it to your tv if you want. To bad most people don't got the knowledge to do so...

karl2964d ago

what about the fact that they miss ten or more games every year (exclusives)

Aphe2964d ago

What about the fact that they can own consoles too karl?


'' I'll stick with the more comfortable controller.''

Then plug in the controller to the PC.

sid4gamerfreak2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

@corepred4: lol, trolling much?

No ones stopping you, you can play on your 720p console with a less accurate controller compared to the mouse and keyboard.

@karl: Lol, pc gamers have too many exclusives to even keep track of unlike ps3 gamers. You want me to name some? Lets see:

Napoleon: Total war
Dawn of War 2:Chaos Rising
Empire: Total War
Time Gentlemen, Please!
Eve Online :Apocrypha
The Sims 3
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War II
Anno 1404: Dawn of Discovery
DCS: Blackshark
Football Manager Live
Free Realms
Diablo 3
Civilization 5
World of Warcraft
STALKER (series)
Half life 2
Counter Strike
Eve Online
The Witcher...

There must be a lot more but this is all I remember...

COnsole gamers are missing out on two whole genres: mmo and strategy...

RedDevils2964d ago

"To bad most people don't got the knowledge to do so.."

So you saying only nerd know how to use these features :P

darthv722964d ago

sony said 4D...WTF?


how long until we are all experiencing the 8th dimension like buckaroo banzai?

Hideo_Kojima2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Personally I don't think PCs have more 9+ exclusives.
You mentioned games like CS Doom Eve Online...

Lodes of the games on your list are really old or not that great by my standards.

I think unlike consoles most PC exclusives are actually worst then the Multiplats. However Multiplats are much better on the PC which is the reason I have a gaming capable PC.

There are very few exclusives that push PC hardware anyway.

EDIT: @MMO and Strategy... I guess thats why I am not that much into the exclusives on PCs because lodes of the popular PC games are strategy games. I don't think people who own just consoles are the people that really care about those genres. But with PS Move it may change lets see if Sony think Strategy games have enough fans on consoles.

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karl2964d ago

u can own consoles all u want...

pcs will always only have more resolution more AA maybe better textures

but the technology will always be the same and the poligons wont increase with the game...

ill take a lower ress and less aa but 20 more games every year... any day

Aphe2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

But back to my original point - pc gamers can still also own consoles, so they don't have to miss out on games do they?

I don't, I get the best of both worlds.

JsonHenry2964d ago

You do know there is about two to three MORE releases for PC a year than there are for consoles, right?

Solidus187-SCMilk2964d ago

There are PC exclusives too you know.

I play on PC, 360, and ps3 and there are reasons to own them all.

karl2964d ago


there sure are pc exclusives but please name some that are actually worth it...

and that at least get some attention from gaming sites...

and im not saying pc doesnt have better graphics but overall i prefer my console...

and pls.. name some of the great pc exclusives from 2009 and the ones coming in 2010.

starcraft 2 i would say that i know of...

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JsonHenry2964d ago

Hell, I can lounge on my couch and use a wireless controller OR use my keyboard and mouse. Just got one of those breakfast in bed tables on my lap for my keyboard and mouse and it works great. All the while enjoying NATIVE 1920*1080 @ 60hz and 5.1 DD surround.

AAACE52964d ago

I swear, it is hard to upgrade to anything, because as soon as you do, something else comes out that looks better!

When HDTV's first came out, I said i'd get one eventually. Then the 120 Hz TV's came out and I got ready to buy one of those. Then 240 Hz came out and looked better. Then 3D came out and is all the rage. Now 3.5 is coming? I'll just wait for this to settle down.

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butterfinger2964d ago

this is going to be pretty stupid. At least they were able to squeeze a sensational headline out of it.

Letros2964d ago

Well I had no clue what the hell this article was about so I looked at their site.

I'm a pretty big PC gamer and I wouldn't even buy this crap.

Awookie2964d ago

My god that vid just made me angry for some reason had to turn it off before i started smashing things.

RagTagBnd4452964d ago

Lol, did he just play FPS with only a keyboard and no mouse. It seems that these guys have no idea about pc gaming, because pc gamers actually think a "small" 24inch screen and mouse + keyboard are superior to a hdtv + console. Anyways, there is nothing really innovative and i would not call i 3.5D as the fourth dimension is time.

Anon73492964d ago


Even if time was the fourth dimension, which it's not... that would mean all "3D" games are 4D.

Oh, and a Gaming PC using a KB/Mouse IS superior to a HDTV + Console.

Anyways you know nothing of science, I honestly wish there was a negative bubble that said "Unintelligent."

slave2Dcontroller2964d ago

3.5D aint sayin nothin slick to a can of oil(Ken Kutaragi) for he is the Father of the Playstation and...AND... 4D. NOW WHAT!

shadow27972964d ago

I thought PC gamers hated motion controls? So why would they jump on this?

I imagine Move + 3D would be equivalent to this.

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