Kotaku - Lost Planet 2 Review: Bigger, Not Better

Kotaku: Lost Planet squared. That's what Capcom want us to call their latest dip into the universe of E.D.N. III, snow pirates and giant bugs.

Taking place ten years after the original third-person action shooter Lost Planet, the frozen planet of E.D.N. III has thawed. Warring factions are fighting each other and the supersized Akrid bugs for control of the planet's thermal energy, which is used to power just about everything.

Lost Planet 2, producer Jun Takeuchi says, is bigger in nearly every way, but is it better? With Akrid so big you can climb into them and shoot your way out, more Vital Suits, more weapons, more factions and no more life-robbing sub-zero temperatures, how can Capcom go wrong? Let's see.

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