Namco Bandai Plans To Sell A Million Units Of Splatterhouse And Majin

Namco Bandai Games has been actively investing in games for overseas markets. This year, a bunch of those games are going to come out worldwide. How does Namco Bandai expect them to do?

Pretty good, with respect to Splatterhouse and Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. Namco Bandai anticipates 1,000,000 units in worldwide sales for each title. Expectations for Dead to Rights: Retribution and Clash of the Titans are a bit lower at 700,000 per game.

Dead to Rights: Retribution made its debut in North America and Europe a few weeks ago. Clash of the Titans and Majin are summer games.

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SixTwoTwo2903d ago

They can't be serious with these projections. 700K for Dead to Rights? Really?

ClownBelt2903d ago

Be ready to be disappointed Namco.

RedPawn2903d ago

Splatterhouse, a game that should of been left back in the P.C. Engine/Mega Drive era and has had countless team shifts!


Forbidden_Darkness2903d ago

Majin doesn't have the appeal to get even close to that many sales, but it still looks like it could be an amazing game i hope

jc485732903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

with used games as well. Bring out the Tales games dammit.