Reviews ‘more important than price’

Consumers are more likely to base their buying decisions on review scores than on price, a new Moving Minds report from branding specialist Kinetic claims.

The study suggests that 71 per cent of those asked thought review scores were an important element of deciding which titles they should buy. By contrast, 64 per cent felt price was a key element. Packaging was named as the least important factor (eight per cent).

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Monkey5212933d ago

I agree that price doesn't really play a huge role in my purchasing because almost all games cost exactly the same. It's just part of gaming in general. The whole thing about reviews having such a huge effect is starting to annoy me though. I understand that if something scores in the 60's or below it probably isn't good, but at the same time some reviewers scores decent games terribly because of the hype surrounding them. (IGN's review of Haze is a good example) People should realize that anything between 70 and 100 should be worth playing. Whatever, enough of my ranting.

Jack Klugman2933d ago

i use reviews as a part of my game buying decision but do not rely on them solely. i agree with you.

"Whatever, enough of my ranting. "

good i thought you were never going to shut up.. :] (jk)