RPGFan: 3D Dot Game Heroes Review

RPGFan writes:

"3D Dot Game Heroes is like an NES Zelda doppelgänger on psychotropic drugs. Just look at it for God's sake. It's also the most honest and accurate Zelda clone I've ever known to exist. The developers don't even pretend that they might have thought up the gameplay elements themselves, and that sets 3DDGH apart from shameless Zelda rip-offs. The game is a throwback to gaming's beloved past, replete with references to ancient games and playfully pixilated graphics. At its heart, it's an imitation of The Legend of Zelda and it certainly is flattery. When the imitation is less successful as a video game than its twin, however, I am less likely to embrace the lack of originality. 3DDGH has its merits: a cute concept, exploration, and a graphical style worth seeing in action. In the end, however, it just doesn't have enough verve to make it as great as the games it celebrates."

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