God of War III For $34.99 at Gamestop

O.G. writes "If you missed out on the best game for the PS3 this year, God of War III, then you need to stop by Gamestop. While we all may hate Gamestop, they have a great deal on GoW3. Right now for just $34.99, you can get the "final" chapter of the series."

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Solidus187-SCMilk2813d ago

I cant beleive gamestop actually has a good game with a great price.

Darkfocus2813d ago

I know 25$ off that's huge for a 2 month old game kind of makes me wish I waited but I don't regret purchasing it full price cause it was still worth it.

ia_studio2813d ago

I'm still replaying it it's just SO EPIC!

AAACE52812d ago

I liked GoW 3 alot! I think everyone with a Ps3 should get it (anyone over 18 anyway). However, to me the ending came too quickly. I thought I was a little over halfway through the game after I got Pandora and that there would be a couple more hours left to the end, but it came up a little while after that. Hell of an ending though!

$35 is a great price for this game and could be considered a steal for the quality on hand!

jdktech20102813d ago

Loved the game but I'm gonna wait until it's around 20 dollars to actually buy it...single player games have a limit to their value even ones as good as GOW3

The_Zeitgeist2813d ago

Have fun waiting. God of War 1 and 2 took like 2 years to hit that price. Honestly if you are gonna wait that long then you should just rent it.

jdktech20102813d ago

already have...that's my point...I've played the game and I want in my collection but I'll wait to add it until later

socomnick2813d ago

Yea ill just gamefly it, not worth 30 bucks even, I stopped purchasing sp only games a long time ago.

Only sp games i buy anymore are RPGS.

Alan Wake and Gow3 are rentals imo.

spunnups2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

if you're one of those people out there only purchasing MP games, well that's what your gonna get. Mediocre single player with a tacked on Multi which everyone stops playing after a few months anyway and all it does is take away from how epic the campaign could have been.

Mr Exclusive2813d ago

I'm sort of like you. I don't buy SP only games unless they can give me 25-30+ hours gameplay value. Cause once i finish it i never play it again, but if its got multiplayer i can spend at least another 100 hours online.

Will wait till its 20bucks.

Silly gameAr2813d ago

What games did you play when there was no multiplayer added? Did you just start gaming this gen?

Mr Exclusive2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Games I play

-Final Fantasy 13
-MGS4 (+MGO)
-Demons's Souls
-Street Fighter 4
-MW2 (gotten 350hours out of it)
-Killzone 2
-Valkyria Chronicles
-Fallout 3 GOTY Edition
-GTA4, Episodes from Liberty City
-Rockband 2
-Uncharted 2 (rented Uncharted 1)
-Wipeout HD Fury
-Fat Princess

All imported except for PSN titles. I am a budget gamer and like to get heaps of value out of my dollar.

seriously cut me a break, why should i spend heaps of money on a game that takes 6-15hours to clock?

All of those games have giving me at least 35 hours gameplay.

In regards to your question i bought heaps of RPG's last gen.

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Inside_out2812d ago

Waiting for the bargain bin on this one...should happen in a couple of weeks...Same with HR....No multi-player is a BIG no-no unless you promise to release some decent DLC...I thought it would be $10 by now...Sony wants to release another GOW as soon as price no doubt...Sony joining EA and Ubi-soft now...make another 6 hr game with no multi and sell it at full price...

creatchee2812d ago

If you are budget-minded, then waiting is fine. However, if you just want to get it on the cheap rather than need to get it on the cheap, you should get this deal. Seriously, it was worth 59.99 - at 34.99, it's a steal!

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harlem_v12813d ago

When I look back, I kind of wish that I waited for this price.

BeaArthur2813d ago

Agreed, it was a great game but I did it in about 10 hours. I'm going to start waiting for price drops on single player only games that are less than 15 hours.

tmj2813d ago

Well I'm sold. In for 1!

GamingBuddha092813d ago

that is a pretty good deal, might have to go and check this out

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The story is too old to be commented.
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