GameZone: Nier Review

GameZone's Steven Hopper writes,

"Nier is a missed opportunity. There are moments when the storytelling shines, but those are few and far between in a pretty drab quest-laden game with boring missions and fetch quests. The combat also lacks depth and finesse, and the whole experience just seems to plod along without a lot of reward."

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Caspel2933d ago

Square-Enix isn't having the best of times on the current gen of consoles.

AlexC2932d ago

I was thinking the same thing.

Azule612933d ago

Dispite the reviews being in the ok region, I think I might give NieR a try. It sounds compelling enough.
Good Review.

Blaze9292933d ago

I was thinking on picking this up too. Guess I won't now - at least not at full $59.99

AlexC2932d ago

I was really looking forward to this game... still looks like it's worth checking out, but not worth a purchase.

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