First Dead Space 2 In Game Screens

NowGamer: First in game screens of Dead Space 2

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BaneWilliams2810d ago

Have been around for a while, and many of the articles linked below it have them in the articles. Pretty Dissapointing.

DA_SHREDDER2810d ago

Im gonna do the same thing I did with all those GOW3 screen shots. Ignore them. I dont want to spoil it for myself.

SuperStrokey11232810d ago

Most of these look in engine but not in game...

raztad2810d ago

Why? they look a lot like the first game, jaggies included. Go to the source (IGN) and click on 720p screens.

SuperStrokey11232810d ago

THe angles that some are taken at are not something you would see in the game often. Sure they could be but i still dont think they are. Either way i dont care. I must have this game.


" jaggies included " was that on the ps3 version ? I hardly saw any on the 360 and I thought the ps3 was lead platform ?

Gamealot2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

it looks good just like the first one, but my problem with the first game was that the framerates were so inconsistance that it kept giving me a headache. hopefully they smooth it out so i don't have to take ADVIL everytime i wanna play this

The_Zeitgeist2810d ago

Thats funny I just bought the game a month ago and I am half way through. Yet I have not noticed any frame rate issues. I'm playing the PS3 version. What version did you play?

Gamealot2810d ago

i played the ps3 version, i didnt even finished it maybe i put about 5 hrs into it, but i dont know what it was but it always gave me a headache, like my eyes actually hurt. i'm not dissing the game. it ha a nice story and the enviroments were cool its just that i couldn't deal with the headache. bytheway i've played many, many games for over 20 yrs and this is the only one i stoped playing because of it

jimmins2810d ago

...but they look frickin' awesome. Nice update from the original, and some messed up looking new necromrophs too...

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The story is too old to be commented.