ShockCast Episode 14 - Nintendo Needs to Bow Down To Apple

DualShockers writes, "Join in for another exciting edition of the DualShockers ShockCast. In this week’s main topic we discuss Satoru Iwata’s recent claim’s of calling Apple the “future enemies” of Nintendo. Apparently he didn’t get the memo that the iPhone and iPad are very much the enemy right now. We also dive into the topic of whether or not games need to have RPG elements in order to succeed, and that conversation is lead by our in-house RPG guru, Chad Awkerman. Closing out the podcast we discuss all of the major news from this past week (Little Big Planet 2 announced, Steam for Mac hits this week, COD: Black Ops adds 4-player co-op, Final Fantasy IX coming to the PSN). We’re enjoying all of the great feedback from all of you out there, so keep it coming. If you aren’t already, make sure to subscribe to us on iTunes by clicking HERE."

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IG_DARKSA1NT2988d ago

Call of Duty Black Ops is going to be great, but Medal of Honor is my game for this year!

Hitman07692988d ago

Great Question from Torrance Davis came in at the end. I have to say that Nintendo and Apple are about to be the main event like Tyson VS Holyfield. I Just don't know which one is biting who's ear off yet. Lookin' Like Apple right now.

Also, if you want to know the truth about Halo Reach, don't miss this!!!!

iiprotocolii2988d ago

At this point, the DS is trumping just about everything that is out there - especially the PSP and iPhone/iPad. But although it is ahead in numbers, I do think that Apple is catering to a much robust crowd, offering games at a much cheaper price. Some would argue that iPhone/iPad can't be compared to the DS because their library doesn't justify the quality of games that the DS has. But as Apple's mobile devices become more popular - and they are - publishers will steer their development to those platforms, which open up all sorts of opportunities for gamers/developers. It's an expanding market, and I think that Nintendo needs to take Apple serious at this juncture.

JoelT2988d ago

people gaming without knowing that they are. Pure. Genius.

astar1234567892988d ago

there is plenty for everyone