Bayonetta Designer Angry About Pornographic Bayonetta Doujinshi

While Bayonetta had its fair share of sex appeal, it looks like the game's designer Hideki Kamiya isn't happy that some gamers are making pornographic doujinshi (self-published manga) based on his character.

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TheHater2935d ago

an over the top character just to make his game appeal to teenage boys and now he is complaining that they are making adult manga out of her? Maybe he shouldn't have design her the way he did because everyone knew something like this was going to happen

ClownBelt2935d ago

Lmao. QFT!

More hentai doujinshi plox!

Godmars2902935d ago

Someone who's represented sexuality was so over the top that the audience would never be able to imagine her sexually.

Not that it worked.

Reibooi2935d ago

His problem isn't exactly that people are making adult material out of the character. His main gripe is that people don't seem to show love for the character in their works depicting her.

Now considering he showed plenty of love by creating Her as well as Her world and the game she is in that's completely understandable.(After all it takes a certain level of love to get a game from the concept phase to a final product).

People in his eyes are doing nothing but using a character and throwing her into adult material just because it will appeal to others and they are not trying to show love like he did and I can completely understand that.

Anon73492935d ago

Reading comprehension is important, and it doesn't seem like anyone else that posted here has it.

Myst2935d ago

Very well said Reibooi and I pretty much agree with what you have said as well.

radphil2934d ago

I agree with what you said, but when you think about it, shouldn't he have expected this one way considering he opened the door with the way how he exhibited the character in the game?

I mean the game was suggestive to begin with in her actions. That right there was on the borderline for this to happen.

HolyOrangeCows2934d ago

Yeah, all that HARD work they spent designing her.

"Let's see...large breasts, Lanky legs (Alien sized), and Palin face...all done. I hope no one undermines our work that we made for fapping teenage boys by making more material for fapping teenage boys..."

Reibooi2934d ago


And yet you forget her personality, Her costume, Her hair style, Her weapons and so on and so forth. All those are needed to create a character. I'm sorry but unless you are making a game with nothing but naked people running around it's MUCH more difficult to make a character then you may think it to be.

By the way she is far more likely inspired by Angela Aki then Palin considering the game is a Japanese one and Angela Aki is quite the popular singer there. Google her and you will see what I mean.

baker_boi2934d ago

First I want to state that Im a character artist/Comic artist/Whatever else lol.

Now, the way I've seen Kamiya design his girls really contradicts his statements made above. Read between the lines or not, his actions speak louder than his words.

All his women designs usually end up looking like trailer-trashy women, that he wants to be contradictory of their own looks.

the 3 main ones that come to mind are Trish, Gloria, and of course, Bayonetta. Trish being the least Sleezy, Bayonetta being the most.

She's Kamiya's "Vision of a perfect dream girl", Her sexuality is heavily exaggerated, and most of all her devistating attacks end with her clothes being taken off. The "Ultimate Climax".

When you derive a character based on sex appeal and hammer that in as one of her key characteristics you're dealing with a double edged sword when you expect people (especially japanese Adult artists) to see her as some type of Princess when you clearly made her, half wittingly, as a slut.

I'm not saying he shouldn't be angry that people are misusing the idea of his character, but what I am saying is don't patronize those artists for drawing adult comics of an "adult" type character.

They were going to do it anyway, but the fact that he makes it so apparent that she's a sexual figure she gained extra attention.

No one compares her to Dante anymore, they compare her to a porn star. So you need to comprehend Ero Doujins were going to be made of her anyway, but because of the type of character he represents her to be, they took that aspect and exaggerated it even more.

It's not about them loving or hating the character in the sense of "Is she really promiscuous or not?", but they're adult artists and that is what they do.

mastiffchild2934d ago

As someone who has created stuff himself that has been "adapted" by others I know exactly how he feels about what he sees as, mainly, substandard messing about with his work. It's galling to see people seemingly pi55ing about with something when you've sweated blood over it-totally understandable.

Thing is, if you make anything, let alone something as alluring to the puerile minded as Bayonetta, what do you expect? In the past it would have gone unseen as people would only have been messing about with pen and paper at home but with the internet and the million new ways to create and express and publish your own versions of anything you have to be ready for this kind of thing. It's also prolly best to grow a thicker skin!

Mainly, he should just call it flattery and ignore the least proficient or most slap-dash and ill thought out "tributes"! I feel his annoyance, though, but what can you do? And what do you expect?

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Persistantthug2935d ago

Can anyone point me to the Bayonetta porn please?


littletad2935d ago

Teenagers to practice safe hex.

booni32935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

clever, your clever.

e-p-ayeaH2935d ago

lol he´s must be really convinced that Bayonetta is the hottest girl in gaming for saying stuff like that xD

Army_of_Darkness2935d ago

oh yeah.... we totally didn't see that one coming.....
the real question is.. who/ or what will she bang in the movie?!

Hakimy2935d ago

any japanese game will have hentai or a doujinchi.even mario and sonic has hentai images! XD it's just inevitable for games and animes to have hentai images or doujinshis ;)

Parapraxis2935d ago

Does this guy smoke crack?

Palodios2934d ago

Rule 34:If it exists, there is porn of it.

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CernaML2935d ago

Is he not aware of Rule 34?

mrv3212935d ago

Rule 34: If it exists there's porn of it.
Rule 35: If there's no porn of it then porn of it WILL be made.

Barbapapa2935d ago

where can did u get these rules?

TANUKI2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

Rules can be found here: http://rulesoftheinternet.c...

They are called "Rules of the Internet"

karl2935d ago

i want the other 33 rules pls

karl2934d ago

14. Do not argue with trolls — it means that they win.

Redempteur2935d ago

i think they existed ( the rules ) before 4chan ..but 4chan helped them to devellop

dgroundwater2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

Both of you violate the first two rules. Pay with your blood!

Gobot2935d ago

These are the rules of the Internets, you buffoon.

Redempteur2935d ago

sorry i use my blood to pay for my games so i can't share any right now ... ( too many good games these days )

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jc485732935d ago

in Japan, they have doujinshi for all sorts of games. It doesn't matter whether the character is sexy looking or not.

Gambit072935d ago

Where can I find the Bayonetta porn!?!

ultramoot2935d ago

Oh? And what did he expect in a world where Miss PacMan is voted among the Top 10 Sexiest Video Game Characters?