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Lucreto2963d ago

Good I was wondering if there will be a single player.

I love the series and I can't wait for the game.

techie2963d ago

Makes me feel better about coughing up full price.

Christopher2963d ago

As long as half of that isn't me searching for hidden treasures/feathers/symbols.

I'll be more optimistic about the game when it's reviewed by a few sites.

Silentmerc3nary2963d ago

I liked looking for stuff. Made me explore places I otherwise would never have found.

FACTUAL evidence2963d ago

Not believing any more of this, "to have 15 hour campaign" BS anymore. They said the same thing about Alan Wake's 15-30 hour gameplay, and it ended up being 7-8 hours, and that's including the deaths.

Mafia2Rules1232963d ago

I have heard 'at least 10 hours' from most reviews, and thats without spending time looking for collectables.
So where did you here that 7-8 hours from?

ThanatosDMC2963d ago

Is this another DLC that should have been on the disk like Battle at Forli or however you spell it? Pissed me off when i finished Ass Creed 2 and loved it to realize that there's a huge chunk of the DNA story sequence that's missing.

Ghost_Sparta2963d ago

Yeah, I didn't like that chapters 12 and 13 were missing in the normal game, just for us to buy them as DLC!

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techie2963d ago

I wonder if it'll ALL be based in Rome. I liked having different cities. Then long as Desmond sections are kept to an absolute minimum.

Forbidden_Darkness2963d ago

See, unlike Activision, Ubisoft will actually give the backing to a game if its released every year

techie2963d ago

Except they cover their games with DRM

phantomexe2963d ago

how long was the frist game? anyone remember

Mafia2Rules1232963d ago

How the hell does someone get a disagree for asking a question? Unless theres some guy looking at every post and clicking disagree just because they are annoying and have no life.

Ghost_Sparta2963d ago

phantomexe, for me I took about 16 hours, and I discover all the assassin's tombs and the codex pages

Mikelarry2963d ago

really enjoyed 2 looking forward to this.

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The story is too old to be commented.