Analysis: Charging for online play publishers’ only way to combat used game sales and rentals

From Gamertell:

"Publishers and developers have long been unhappy that a week after a game’s launch, you can walk into a store and purchase a used copy for just $5 less than a new copy.

The resale of the game is pure profit for the retailer, as none of the money from the second sale trickles back to the publisher. Rental stores get an even better deal because, by purchasing one game (even at an extremely high cost), they now have the right to let people check it out at $7 to $10 a pop.

Electronic Arts is throwing a new wrinkle into things announcing it will charge for a 'pass' to play its sports titles online..."

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DA_SHREDDER2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

I understand that they need to figure out how to not lose money on used game sales, but I think I shouldn't have to pay a freakin penny if I buy the game in the first month of release. Anytime after I could totally understand, but lets face it, EA games aren't necessarily the best games to play online either. Lag, crappy voice chat, the only game i would ever want from EA is Dead Space so unless thats online, this doesn't even affect me. I feel bad for all the broke madden fans though.