Sony's Motion Picture

The first Move developers speak to Develop about the potential of the new tech.

It’s easy to dismiss PlayStation Move as a tardy attempt at jumping on Nintendo’s motion control bandwagon. That is, until you get your hands on the controller itself, and realise how fantastically precise it is.

The potential of a motion sensitive controller with the fidelity of a traditional pad offers terrific opportunity for games designers. In parallel with the coming of Natal, Move could see the dwindling reputation of motion-controlled games return to the forefront of the both the professional and public mindsets.

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R2D22994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

if the ORB changes color to what ever your prefrence or are you stuck with the color ORB you bought?

The reason I ask is because to save on cash I want my sister to buy the MOVE but she wants PINK.

Edit: Thanks Fishy - that makes sense.

Edit#2: Wow Hitman that idea sounds great - I am going to have to google move some more. The tech is sounding betetr by the minute .

Montrealien2994d ago

I was lucky enough to see a demo of Move and try it out last week. The main function of the colored orbs is to make sure it does not get lost in a background of similar colors. So depending on your background the orb will change to something that stands out.

thehitman2994d ago

To like 256 diff colors like if you was to go to paint and you get a pallet of colors you can change it like that or it changes colors by itself sometimes like what Montrealian said.

Fishy Fingers2994d ago

It changes colour, to either coincide with your player number (eg red for player 1, blue for 2) or to what ever the developer/game tells it to at any given moment.

Not sure if you can "tell" it to stay as a single colour or not though.

gapecanpie2994d ago

If it will cost 60 bucks like rumored, then two ps move better come package together or else I not going to even think about getting it.

Cevapi882994d ago

i expect a new PS3 bundle that will have the move, eye toy and a game for lets say $400?

what do you guys think....i wouldnt put sony past expecting some sort of bundle to be revealed at e3

Nineball21122994d ago

It wouldn't surprise me. I'm not particularly interested in Move or Natal, but I am kinda interested to see what's presented at E3 this year.

I'm interested in the tech behind it, but not necessarily in playing casual games with either.

krisq2994d ago

To not expect bundle with Move would be silly.

thehitman2994d ago

Announced at GDC they was releasing a bundle for Move and will reveal price at E3.

moho-foe2994d ago

I like how for move there are games that support both control styles, move or controller. I think it gives them better chances overall...

HighDefinition2994d ago

If people LIKED the Wii, they going LOVE the Move. Along w/ a platform as capable as the PS3, some really cool stuff is gonna come from it. Ill be buying one for LBP/LBP2 alone. Sony seems so far like their not gonna go mini game crazy. As long as they learn from the mistakes of the Wii they'll be fine and Move will be accepted as the Wii was/is. I was hestitant at first but then I realized this is what you and I WANTED the Wii to be like. on.

Mike134nl2994d ago

The one thing sony will need to learn from nintendo is that they will need to come with the quality (move only) games.

Nineball21122994d ago

That's a good point HD. I thought the Wii concept was pretty cool at first, but after having to deal with it's limitations, quickly lost interest in it.

It's pretty much a fact that Move will be more precise then the Wii currently is and it seems that it'll be more precise than Natal too.

ManGastaS2994d ago

They call it "new tech"

Trroy2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

It works differently than previous techs. Not calling it new tech would be akin to not calling HDTVs new tech when they came out, because SD TVs existed, or not calling Blu-Ray new tech, because DVD exists.

A theme seems pretty evident, to me, at least.

DatNJDom812994d ago

Trroy what are you trying to do here? Dont you know that kind of logical thinking is not allowed here? Keep it up and you might cause all types of cerebral problems to the 360 fanboys. Man, what is wrong with you? Just for that, I'm adding a bubble.

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