Microsoft Dismisses Rumor of October Launch for Project Natal

Microsoft says it’s standing by its previously announced “holiday” launch window for next-generation motion controller Project Natal, despite rumors of an October release.

Word of a possible early launch spread Monday after Gamertag Radio posted video of a Saudi TV interview with a Microsoft vendor. “Project Natal will be launched in Saudi Arabia on the same [garbled] that it will be launched in the world,” Syed Bilal Tariq says in the video. “That is going to be sometime in October.”

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Nineball21122691d ago

Yeah, they are wanting to keep this news under wraps until E3.

BaneWilliams2691d ago


The sun is hot!

Seriously, they are going to deny the crap out of everything until E3. It's been Microsofts Modus Operandi for years.

astar1234567892691d ago

they dismiss just about everything until e3.... i would