Nintendo’s No-Transfer Policy Could Burn Wii’s Biggest Fans

With its release of a black Wii this week, Nintendo has tempted current owners of its videogame machine to trade their white consoles in for the slick new paint job.

There’s just one problem: Nintendo does not offer gamers a way to transfer games purchased online from one console to another. Neither the Wii nor Nintendo’s portable DSi consoles have an upgrade path for downloadable content, since games are tied not to user accounts but to specific machines. It’s impossible for a user to copy content from an old console to a new one. Even some Wii owners whose machines have malfunctioned said it was difficult, or impossible, to get Nintendo to transfer the software licenses at its headquarters.

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SuperStrokey11232959d ago

Well this article is full of BS. I had a wii die on me just out of warranty abotu 2 years ago and I never replaced it until a few months ago. I had 19 VC games on it. I called Nintendo (Canada) up and asked them if they would transfer them for me. THey said they are not supposed to do it but as I am a valued customer they would. With in 12 hours and 2 phone calls later i was downloading my games on to the new wii, I just needed to have a serial numbers for both. It was easy, not hard like this article portrays it.

n4f2959d ago

the same thing happen to one of my friend too, maybe they dont want to be busy because of the number of people that would call to transfer