ARS: Skate 3 is perfectly enjoyable, perfectly ordinary

ARS: Having never played Skate 2 for any real amount of time, Skate 3 seemed to come to me straight out of the ether. Consequently, this is going to be an impressions post much more than a full review. While Skate 3 is a perfectly enjoyable experience, after playing for a few hours I was looking for another disc to pop into my console. This is a good time in small doses, but it misses noteworthy status by a sizable margin.

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MysticStrummer2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Yeah... Skate 3 is just like all the other skateboarding simulations on the market... oh wait it's the only one. How long did this person even play? It sounds like they didn't get past the training, since that's the last time I heard Coach Frank's voice. Skate 3 is good stuff.