EA Says Online Pass System is 'Very Pro-Consumer'

EA's Online Pass system won't hit players until June 8, 2010 when Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 is released in retail stores. The Online Passes represent the next step in EA's “Project Ten Dollar,” which was created to stem the loss of consumers to used game sales. It could be a boon, bringing players an enhanced online experience, or it could just be a set of digital handcuffs. EA CEO John Riccitiello noted on a conference call following the publisher's fiscal results that consumers should feel at ease and expect a “boatload more content to experience than they otherwise would."

"We used to literally pull our teams off of a game within maybe four to six weeks pre-ship and they'd go work on something else because the game was done, it was going into manufacturing. Their jobs were done," said Riccitiello about their previous method of development. "Of course, EA's going to benefit too... and not just from fewer used game sales."

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