Is Dead to Rights Retribution Worth a Gamers' Hard Earned Money? (Review from Goozernation)

Dead to Rights Retribution is one of those games that's packed with action, from over the top melee and gun battles, and potential co-op play build, it theoretically has the perfect formula for a great game. But at the same time the game feels like its been done before. And with games like Red Dead Redemption releasing soon, Goozernation asks is Dead to Rights Retribution worth picking up despite it's flaws? Should gamers just rent it or wait for a price drop?

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bgrundman2806d ago

I was wondering about this game, but it looks like it was about what I expected.

roblef2806d ago

Yeah, looks a little basic.

kube002806d ago

It's an 8 hour game and that's about it

playstation_clan2806d ago

is it worth your parents money? i doubt it unless you want to increase your gamerscore