Famitsu software sales (5/3 - 5/9)

The latest software top ten sales estimates in Japan from Famitsu have been released.

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Valay2933d ago

What a strange week. HeartGold/Soul Silver returns...And Mario Kart Wii is at 6?!

GUCommander2933d ago

Mario Kart Wii's rating is quite surprising.

Valay2933d ago

Yeah, it's interesting but strange. Apparently they're doing heavy TV advertising for the game again.

SprSynJn2933d ago

This generation anyway. We will see if they can keep it up though. They were pushed aside for two generations beforehand, they can easily be pushed aside again.

SpitFireAce852933d ago

at holding this gen back with crappy a$$ graphics.
And there inaccurate wii mote.And at helping fat
a$$es feel better about them self's while jumping on
a wii fit board.

qface642933d ago

how exactly does it hold this gen back?
ps3 and 360 are progressing just fine if not very well they are taking the innovative features the wii added and improving and refining them so really how is it holding this gen back?