Crysis 2 ‘is a Halo killer’

Akin to staring into the mirror and saying ‘Candyman’ three times, daring to label your product a ‘Halo killer’ has become a move only the brave or the stupid would dare to take – but that’s exactly how EA has chosen to describe upcoming shooter Crysis 2.

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dangert122655d ago

you'll never going to kill halo spesh know your locing off online used gmes etc

Nicholas Cage2654d ago

halo has never been as good as crysis, anyone with a brain and a great pc knows this.

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BeaArthur2654d ago

Millions of fans disagree with both of you.

Inside_out2654d ago

Crytek in a Crysis...consoles are a warzone kids...Wait till E3...Crytek knows they are in trouble...Halo's been kicking A$$ for years...this year will be no different...Halo bundle with Natal will have a nice holiday season....Crysis..WHO???...

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creatchee2654d ago

Crysis 2 is not a Halo killer. Nothing is a Halo killer except the next Halo. No other FPS (and very few games of any genre) combine high sales, reviews, hype, long-term player retention and cultural phenomena like Halo does. Sure, other games have sold more (i.e. COD), but they don't have the lasting impact that Halo does when it comes to all of the other things that make Halo HALO.

It's the video game equivalent of Star Wars (no, not in content or story or even arguably quality). There really isn't anything similar to compare it to in those aspects, no matter how much better another game's graphics may be.

BTW - this is coming from somebody who doesn't even play Halo very much (although the Reach beta is pretty cool).

bjornbear2654d ago

i cant see your comments bit its hilarious since your a halo fan and got yourself blocked twice xD fail!

still, i doubt it'll be a halo killer, but to me, halo never lived, so im not going to disagree either

Microsoft Xbox 3602654d ago

As a big ps3 fanboy I can also admit that Halo is a better game than Crysis. In fact WAY better in terms of gameplay. Crysis may look nice but the game just feels generic. I bet if Crysis look like any other average FPS, nobody would even acknowledge it.

BattleAxe2654d ago

I hope Crysis 2 plays nothing like HALO. Also I hope they improve the online for Crysis 2 because Crysis Wars was garbage.

Steve_02654d ago


I wouldn't remotely consider Halo the videogame of Star Wars, thats more Metal Gear standard, or Final Fantasy maybe, its sold a lot, and sure people still play it. But it ages quickly (look at Halo 3), and has become increasingly lackluster (hoping Reach is a break from this).
I say Metal Gear, as it is the only series I know that can be considered as epic as Star Wars in terms of scope, and it has such a huge and diverse universe behind it, you only need to check the Metal Gear database to see how huge the background really is, call it convoluted, but Kojima really has created a world in league of Star Wars when it comes to characters and their many interconnecting relationships, settings, and an exploration of many themes and psychological concepts.

piroh2654d ago

Crysis can't kill Halo, but Killzone 3 can do it

creatchee2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Star Wars wasn't Star Wars because of its scope - it was because of the way that it resonated with so many people and totally changed the way we perceived movies. Halo did the same thing with console games (first notably for part 2 and even moreso for part 3) - lines in Times Square, midnight releases, tons of people taking days off from work. People did the same stuff for Star Wars. I'm not saying that people didn't do it for MGS or FF, but it was nowhere near the extent of how people reacted to Halo 2 and 3 (at least not in America).

To use a direct example - Star Wars is still one of the most watched movies every year, even though it's 30+ years old. Citizen Kane (which many consider to be the greatest film ever made) has nowhere near the commercial and widespread appeal. That's why, even though MGS or FF can arguably be considered better games than Halo, it can't be compared to Star Wars in the same way that Halo can.

EDIT - and Crysis 2 doesn't have a chance to get the same reception that Star Wars or Halo did. That was my whole point.

Fanb0y2654d ago

No game has the lasting effect like Halo does. Nope, not even COD.

air12654d ago

metal gear is missing 2 of the biggest parts from the whole formula. the sales a.k.a popularity and replay. do ppl still play mgo? exactly..

CryWolf2654d ago

KillZone 2 and Crysis are way better then Halo even in graphics/gameplay wise, Halo as always been a inferior game with outdated graphics and the same old gameplay matics.

Trey_4_life2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Bungie already killed halo after combat evolved, why are we still talking about this?

BulletToothtony2654d ago

people can hate on halo all they want.. even i didn't actually like it..

but halo sure as hell has a HUGE fanbase and there's no denying that.. sales wise nothing will take halo's crown for xbox360 wise..

but we all know that the true halo killer was modern warfare.. even as glitchy as it is..

ia_studio2654d ago

nocholas cage you always now how to say as you always have the same stuck face.

LoVeRSaMa2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I don't over hype halo like everyone else but even I know this comment is totally untrue.

Crysis has Amazing graphics, but that's all it has, untill Crysis 2 proves otherwise its not going to be a 'halo killer'.

Also.. Halo isnt really going to be killed by anyone, I only played the 1st and 2nd but its earned a place in gaming history (In my opinion)

likedamaster2653d ago

I remember wanting Crysis to kill Halo so badly. It did not live up to those expectations, my friend. I repeat, IT DID NOT LIVE UP TO IT! The concept was good and all, and it was a great game(not the best) but fell waaay short of expectations. It wasn't the need for proper hardware either. Those who played Crysis at launch know why. It was missing a crucial ingredient most successful games's called "fun".

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Inside_out2654d ago

Halo sold 10+ million exclusive on 360...KZ sold 2.5 million...I'm sure M$ is worried....KZ a good game...Halo a great game...the fans have spoken....Reach will dominate...

UnwanteDreamz2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I was wondering how long it would take until someone started talking sales. Somehow I knew it would be you cez. You remind me of POG, Why dis, bungie.

Hotel_Moscow2654d ago

cez are you trolling with some vg chartz numbers that havent been updated since 09

MastermindPS3602654d ago

hahahah MAG had piece of sh!t graphics but had a online 100 times better than killzone 2 rofl

face it guys you cant beat halo....all about sales...until a fps game outsells technically cant say its a halo killer....fact

get over it ps3 fanboys...SVER FTW.....seriously though K2 online was complete rubbish.....waiting for socom 4

FANS HAVE SPOKEN HALO IS KING WILL ALWAYS BE KING>>>>>....DO MINATION is HALO.....not crysis...not killzone...

bjornbear2654d ago

KZ 2 says hi and its going to remain here.

fine, it didn't sell half as much as Halo

nor did SoTC sell as much as Buzz!...but does that mean Buzz is a better game?

i'll let you think of that answer kid

MastermindPS3602654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

when your talking about 10 million people who bought can say what you want fuzzy bear but face it cant kill halo..ahaahah probably is a better game socom confrontation was crap to cause it wasnt done by zipper....everyone knows that....but stick to fps this is FPS genre not trivia least try and stay on topic fuzzybear

playstation....because it was bundle with the wii???.....try harder ...and yes maybe goty for the wii...but the wii is a joke.

name a ps3 exclusive game where you and 3 friends.. same console can hop on and all play online....with forge...with screen/video capture/sharing/unstoppable community/with constant updates and constant new maps/1 million ppl on at any given time/ranking-de-ranking systems ........i cant make this list go so far as multiplayer no game has even touched halo 3 and yet alone when reach comes out nothing will even compare (sure graphics to you ps3 fanboys)....only game that might compare is k3 ...not k2...and bungies new activision game...

playstation_clan2654d ago

that would make wii sports the greatest game ever made and just dance for the wii GOTY, doesnt it?

8thnightvolley2654d ago

killzone2 says hi? are u kidding me.. in fact i wont bother trying to reply to u.. coz ur statement is that silly

air12654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

sounds like unwanted doesnt like facts....

funny how ppl hide behind the wii when the time is right. lets just ignore the fact that halo has high review scores as well.. but lets forget all that all cause kz2 looks pretty...kz2 is the crysis of consoles. lol im sure that stung someone..

kz2 says hi! lmfao...

yea... with a mic all the way at the end of the line. hey, i guess kz2 was star struck! lol

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avengers19782654d ago

You can't kill halo; to many die hard fans of the series.

arakouftaian2654d ago

From 9mlls sales to what? 2 or 3 millions
is a big low , but they will tray to prove themself with HALO Reach

if Reach do not reach 5 mills sales
you can tell that HALO is going down lil
by lil, big games die, look at Lara Craft.

And i know 2mills sales aré good but from 9mills to 2 mills is showing
how bad the game is doing and is slowly dieing.

BeaArthur2654d ago do realize that although Bungie and MS tried to convince us otherwise that ODST was an expansion pack. Oh and it sold 2 million in about 2 days.

8thnightvolley2654d ago

u do realize odst was just dust.. that was put out there for whatever.. and sold 3 million.. so basically on the name alone and with this reach beta i bet another 2 million at least.