PlayDevil: Metro 2033 Xbox 360 Review

Metro 2033 is an interesting concept- as it's based on a Russian book- did the PlayDevil reviewer take a fancy to it?

Here is a snippet from the review:

"Most people will, by default, assume that Metro 2033 is a FPS game. Sure, the post-apocalyptic setting means many will compare it to Fallout, but I don’t think anyone would class the game as an RPG.

I, however, am not going to class it as a traditional FPS- more a new take on the survival horror genre. In the same way that Resident Evil 4 re-galvanised the genre in 2003, I believe that Metro has done the same again in 2010. If you approach the game as a straight shooter, it just isn’t the best game out there."

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Inside_out2936d ago

Just started playing it this really is a great title....not enough hype for this and all the shooting complaints are way off...great atmosphere and graphics...

IanBear2934d ago

totally right- much better than some reviews have said- a really well made, atmospheric title