BioShock 2 Receives Three New DLC Packages, Single-Player Expansion Announced

The Rapture Metro Pack package extends and enhances the multiplayer experience by adding six new maps that take place over areas from the single-player portion of BioShock 2. In addition, 2K Games has also released two separate BioShock 2 multiplayer expansions. The first, which is available to download for free, is an all-new game mode called Kill’em Kindly - a new fast-paced experience where players must fight to the death using nothing but golf clubs. The second, the Character Pack, adds two new characters to the multiplayer gameplay and is available for 160 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE Marketplace or £1.59 on PlayStation Network.

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kevco332846d ago

Yeah, I'll get the freebies but probably won't bother paying for the new bits.

Apart from the single-player stuff. When that arrives I'll be on there like a rat up a drainpipe. Awesome.

mjolliffe2846d ago

Can't wait for the single player expansion :)

Ghost_Sparta2845d ago

Me too! I'm just curious how they plan to extend the story of the game!

BeaArthur2846d ago

Already moved on. A single player expansion could be cool though.

AngryFork2846d ago

Glad about the singleplayer addition. I still haven't touched the multiplayer, not sure if I will.

The_Zeitgeist2846d ago

Don't listen to people man. As long as you have a decent connection you will have a good time with the multiplayer. They do a good job of making you want to come back for more.

Ghost_Sparta2845d ago

I don't know really how some guys say the multiplayer is bad! I didn't experience any problem whith it! In fact I found it very solid!

booni32846d ago

There will be a DLC compilation, like GOTYE or something. you can always tell when they start releasing so much...

kevco332846d ago

Yeah, totally agree. Just in time for christmas most probably...

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