The Cost of RPGs

James Bishop writes in his Spoony Bard column for TheGameReviews: "So was I able to then proclaim to my roommate, former TGR contributor Andrew Groen, that when travelling I have 140 or more games on my person that have I’ve never ever played. He whistled and then said to me the words I had been long needed to hear: 'You should really stop buying RPGs.' And I admit it. I am addicted to lengthy story-driven RPGs. I own nearly every Final Fantasy game ever released, including Final Fantasy XI, a great number of BioWare games, and even a fair collection of Black Isle Studios games. Heck, to top it all off, I have purchased both Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura from Troika Games on two separate occasions - once while the company was still in operation and again after it went under. I love these kinds of games and yet as time goes on I find myself playing fewer and fewer of them."

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Haly2992d ago

Sobering realisation isn't it? I put in hundreds upon hundreds of hours with Final Fantasy 7 and 8, but the older I've become the less time I've had.
I reviewed FFXIII, Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins which was brilliant as I had an excuse to spend many hours with them, but now I've finished writing about them it feels like I should be doing something more useful :/

SlamVanderhuge2992d ago

Same. Long games and RPGs take more of a toll on me than they used to. I don't know how much more I can take.

BetaChris2992d ago

Opportunity Cost is a fickle thing. Unfortunately, as the author will soon discover (if he hasn't already) is that it does not extend strictly to RPGs, or even for that matter lengthy games in general. The problem is, once you begin thinking about anything you could have done/can be doing instead of what you are presently doing, it becomes a constant cycle.

mr durand pierre2992d ago

This is the main reason I don't play RPGs. But as a game journo, I'm in the minority. When I was younger, low on cash, and didn't need to keep up with the industry, I preferred games that gave a lot of bang for their buck in terms of length. Now that same length is a burden. Just depends on your living situation, methinks.