PS Move ‘offers huge change to the shooter genre’

Playstation Move developers seek to reinvent one of the most popular genres in gaming.

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Hank Hill2656d ago

MOVE might be better than the mouse.

sniper-squeak2656d ago

Personally, I just hope that something like "move" doesn't make the game designers have to compromise graphics in the games. Altho its a step in a new direction, its still early. Every leading console is trying the "motion sensing tech for casual gamers" thing...

mittwaffen2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

I'm not trying to troll.

But look at some Socom 4 footage (where the guys fighting point blank in the shacks, its some bonus footage many haven't seen) It looks like Move causes a delay.

I was pretty surprised when I saw it, really worried about my favorite game now. Socom...

THC CELL2656d ago

The game is in alpha stage

God some of you need to wait for the final product before you bring down a game for god sake

mittwaffen2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

They released the footage, they must be confident in it; so i'm voicing my concerns. They let press look and play it, so they must be even more pleased with the product to show it off like that.

I'll wait to see; but im sick of hyping games on PS3/Xbox that end up being a huge disappointment. Look at Confrontation, everyone hyped it to high hell saying exactly what you are, and it ended up being the biggest disappointment in gaming to alot of people.

THC CELL2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

when i play test the game it says in big letters This is not the final product etc etc

Confrontation is a spin off
Zipper has the game now and they wont let socom players down..

Genki2656d ago

need to realize that any game at any stage isn't above criticism.

I see it far too often that people use the tired "alpha, pre-alpha, beta, whatever" stage crutch to say that some glaring mistake is excusable.

The thing the vast majority of you don't seem to realize is that these developers NEED to know exactly what's wrong or what could be better with their games, because SOMEONE is bound to notice. It doesn't matter what stage a game is at, concerns must be voiced. The more and more people like you try to silence others, then it will be more often that you see half-@$$ed games being released with myriads of bugs and errors.

I've seen this excuse used all the way up to the moment before a game goes gold, or even with demos, which are designed TO SHOW OFF THE PRODUCT, you always get the crowd that stands behind the game like a religion spouting off "It's not the full version!" When they don't realize that a demo is a sales device, designed to reflect, to a great degree, what the user should expect from the final product.

And like the poster above said, footage wouldn't be shown at prime time if they weren't ready to show it off, bugs or no bugs.

The bottom line is that no game at any stage is ever above criticism. The more and more people try to actively censor those who point out mistakes or passively accept them, because the game is beta, alpha, or whatever, then it makes things that much harder on the developers. They won't know their product is screwed up if they keep getting pats on the back, and the sales charts certainly won't be so kind when the game launches.

I don't care if a game has the most glaringly obvious fault that is guaranteed to be fixed at launch. If it's there, I will point it out, and expect someone to bloody well listen.

The problem with today is that a lot of people think it's ok to praise a pre-release game to high heaven, but any criticism, however constructive, is a no-no. This is hypocritical if you think about it, because ANY game, and if you weren't born yesterday, you've seen it before, but ANY game can also be downgraded by the time it launches. We've seen this happen with all three of the major systems since they've existed, it's nothing new, but I don't hear anyone saying "Don't praise that game, yet, it's not finished!". You never hear the choir singing that tune, but it certainly applies. I say if you're gonna tell someone to stop criticizing a game, you better be willing to stop singing it's praises also, because you literally can't have one without the other. And people wonder why games that looked promising end up sucking hard(I'm looking at you, Lair).

I don't see a problem with either, but what's good for the goose is good for the gander, so if a game can be praised then it ought to be criticized also, it only makes sense. In the end, all it can do is help out. It's like trying to tell a mechanic diagnosing your car that you don't wanna hear that it needs an oil change or a new radiator. The logic is preposterous.

Raf1k12656d ago

No need to worry. You can still play with the DS3 controller.

webeblazing2656d ago

im all for criticism but nobody ever hyped socom confrontation it wasnt a new game it was jus a remake of the maps and move do look acturate but the turn look slow as hell if somebody creep on you your worm food

Trroy2656d ago

At the GDC conference, the Sony presenters stated outright that the Move controls in S4 were brand new. If the rest of the game was pre-alpha -- I'd say the Move controls were in "prototype" stage. On top of that, most of the media professionals who have looked at it thusfar seem to think its pretty good... and they play games for a living.

It shouldn't be judged until its ready. It'll be interesting to see if its changed at all, come E3.

HighDefinition2656d ago

The Move and Socom 4 are not done and still in active production. Of course both are gonna have problems, nevermind them interacting together.

rob60212656d ago

Confrontation was low-budget.

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hamoor2656d ago

MOVE would be very nice on fps games,but nothing owns the mighty mouse and keyboard :)

sid4gamerfreak2656d ago

@Hank Hill

"MOVE might be better than the mouse."

LOL that has gotta be the most f***** up thing anyone has said. Motion controls more precise than the mouse? LOL, im laughing my ass off!!!!!

Its ok, for once you can pretend that you have precise controls..

NOTHING, and i mean nothing beats the keyboard and mouse....

facelike2656d ago

Thats funny, cause I hate using a keyboard and mouse. Personally, I've always found it counter intuitive for gaming. Im a good ole fashioned controller guy, always have been.

Now for a guy like me who hates a K&M, this may be the bridge I'm looking for to get the "great accuracy" of a keyboard and mouse, yet keep the controller in my hand.

JustTheFactsMr2656d ago

He didn't say anything about precise. He said better.

Precision is pretty much meaningless without accuracy.

Pointing where you want to go rather than indirectly via a mouse will be a more accurate method for many.

That's why many architects and graphic designers use dedicated tablets with direct input pens rather than the indirect input of a mouse. It's better than a mouse.

Different strokes for different folks.

Move will certainly be more comfortable from the couch than a keyboard and mouse on your lap.

WMW2656d ago

socom 4
"My experience with playing Socom 4 and the Playstation Move has impressed me to the point where I will play all shooters using it from now on. It feels natural to aim with the motion controller because it’s almost like you are pointing an actual weapon. The Move is precise, and doesn’t take a lot of time to get use to it during gameplay. Socom fans have a lot to look forward to when Socom 4 drops this fall."

"Aiming with Move is on par with using a mouse, and you should be able to control the level of sensitivity. You fire at enemies using the motion controller while the trigger button puts you in a zoom mode. Taking cover is done with the trigger on the sub controller, and getting out of cover is done simply by pressing backwards."

The Gladiator Duel
"the Move will take into account the height of your swings and the positioning of your shield (generated by a second Move controller). It'll also sense distance -- if you don't hold your weapon arm back, it'll swing into your own shield to deleterious effect."

move is better than the keyboard and mouse because it can do everything they do plus much more these 2 games are just a some examples of that.

Alcon Caper2656d ago

Anyone who thinks anything can replace a keyboard/mouse is an idiot. FPS's were designed FOR the keyboard and mouse and everything else is just an emulation of that perfection.

maverick402656d ago

give me one good reason??
how can pointing with a mouse be more accurate than pointing at the screen with your hand??grow up.

WMW2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

there is no difference between using the mouse or the move like the quote says that i posted. people who used it say it is just as good as a mouse and keyboard only idiots who have not used think otherwise. 360 fanboy just want something to conplain about since both of their big games failed, pc fanboys are angry the ps3 is getting pc quaily graphics and controls with out costing a fortune and wii fanboys are mad there console's main attraction is done better on the ps3.

Alcon Caper2656d ago

you sound like a gogglified PS3 fan boi! everthing and everyone suck except people who own the PS3!!! DOWN WITH GOVERNMENT!

kneon2655d ago

Yes motion control can be more accurate than a mouse, it's all about resolution and range of motion.

Most people only want to move a mouse over about a 10cm range. If you need to cover the full screen area then essentially you've mapped the screen resolution down to an area that is a tiny fraction of the actual size. For ease of calculation suppose we have a screen that is 1000pixels across, then at 10cm range of motion that means that to move 1 pixel you need to move 1/10 of a millimeter.

With a motion controller I expect that moving side to side something like 50cm is not at all unrealistic or uncomfortable. To move one pixel in this situation using the above example would require moving 1/2 of a millimeter.

As you can see the motion controller can be much more accurate. Where the mouse wins is in stability. It's easier to hold a mouse still. But I actually like having the deal with the aim wandering if I can't keep steady, it's more realistic and challenging.

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rexus123452656d ago

No as good as mouse, but it's a pretty good alternative on consoles

presto7172656d ago

Move set to high sensitivity + the sub controller could very well equal or even surpass Keyboard + Mouse combo.

Think about it. All you're doing is moving your wrist to control the cursor. Just as with a mouse. All this is only speculation. Time will tell.

kraze072656d ago

I'm guessing you've never fired a weapon in real life have you?

saint_john_paul_ii2656d ago

didnt realized we can fire weapons with a mouse in RL....

bjornbear2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

thinks this is a real weapon...xD

lavitz2655d ago

I've never fired a weapon myself but I think what Kraze was getting at was that maybe with the move there would be the problem of over aiming. I noticed this while playing games like RE4 on the wii and some of the Time Crysis games. Move may be highly precise but when you using a pistol type controller for games that require you to change targets frequently your accuracy decreases the longer you're holding the gun up aiming at the targets. Imagine playing games like Socom 4 for more than a few hours. You'd have to constantly be holding your arms up pointing at the screen to truly be effective, but doing so would require a lot of arm and wrist endurance even with something as light as the Move.

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tplarkin72656d ago

Fundamentally, the Move is no different than the Wiimote. And, we know how FPS did with that. It's unbelievable that Sony couldn't come up with something different.

raztad2656d ago

PS Move=Much better and accurate Wiimote + Natal IMO.

WMW2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

*sigh* and natal is nothing but a playstation eye. do we really have to keep saying these same things over and over?

tplarkin72656d ago

The Move is a wand, just like the Wiimote. The Move may be more accurate, but my point is that the control is identical. We've already seen miserable failures of FPS games on Wii.

BlackTar1872656d ago

why the wiimote is terrible with FPS is cuz of accuracy etc. something move has fixed. You cant make a direct comparison cuz there different specs and different specialties kinda like pseye to natal there different sure in theory the idea is the same but that's about it.