UFC Undisputed 2010: IncGamers' Hands-On Preview

IncGamers' Richard Walker goes up against the latest heavyweight fighter from THQ. A snip:

"For those of us raised on a diet of Street Fighter with its hurricane kicks and fireballs, UFC is a comparative knee to the plums in video game terms. In the real Ultimate Fighting Championship, two sweaty mounds of muscle stand toe-to-toe and pound the stuffing out of each other, and so it is with UFC Undisputed 2010. The sport's video game counterpart is every bit as unflinchingly brutal as the real thing, and just like the real thing, all it takes is one vicious, well-aimed punch to put an opponent down onto the canvas."

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Maticus2990d ago

This game looks like it really kicks ass... so to speak :P

Djorgo2990d ago

More like kicks face, lol :)

syrinx2989d ago

Question is, will MMA be better? :)