Feber Games : We have tested Project Natal

Feber Games writes " Today we went and a bunch of other Swedish gaming journalists invited to the Grand Hotel to check out when Microsoft Project Natal to the XBox 360 for the first time was shown on Swedish soil."

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dangert122958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Green cardigan,grey shirt,black dress,blue tights, and purple footwear
and the guy
that hat them glasses tight t shirt red shoes ¬_¬ there sweds?


natal is an advanced eye fighting games will give you more freedom and will no be in 2d that looked shit lol

THC CELL2958d ago

B-roll: Eye Toy is 3d so next

If Natal plays like the film gamer in fps that would be a step up

dangert122958d ago

it is floors up never mind step up

presto7172958d ago

Stupid. I'm sorry to hurt anyone's feeling, but its true. Look at the woman that passed by at 0:13

She was probably thinking "WTF are these idiots doing?"

I dont want anyone thinking that about me.

R2D22958d ago

I like the fact that 3 bubbles would make people think twice about posting garbage, but bad for the people who actually want to talk about games - I guess the good have to suffer for the bad.

edgeofblade2958d ago

"Eye Toy is 3d so next"

That is incorrect, misinformed, or an outright lie.

Cevapi882958d ago

if we see hundreds of gamers doing this at E3, i will be sadly disappointed

Bigpappy2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Next: I will look Kool and Sexy playing Natal because I am a Kool and Sexy guy. If you doubt me ask your sister (I'll send her a PIC with no shirt). Natal is not about how you look, a little plastic surgery and a diet coke should thake care of that. Attually, Natal should be great for fitness games, so it might help you in that department too. E3 people. These article just help fuel the hype.

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mrv3212958d ago

Firstly, Natal -and move- are both pointless, not because they are bad or cost too much it's because they are ADD-ONS!

Pretend for a moment your a publisher, let's say EA, and a studio comes to you and say we have this idea for a game, but we don't know what to do.

Full Natal support, which means a tiny market (compared to 360), extra devloping costs when porting to PS3/MOVE. Plus it'll take longer BECAUSE we have to learn how to use it and even then the tech is new so the controls won't be great
No Natal support, we carry on as it is right now, no fuss, no extra costs. EASY to port.

BU...bu... Natal and Controller support I hear you cry.
If it support Natal and Controller then having Natal cannot provide a big advantage and thus serves no purpose... making the $100+ add-on pointless. If Natal has a big advantage then controller only people won't be happy and probably not play the game and then in that situation you should have made it Natal only.

Also I've yet to see Natal work online? Anyone else heard or seen it online because if Natal can't support online for what ever reason then it really is going to be VERY pointless on 360 who's big selling point IS live.

mrv3212958d ago

So anyone care to explain why I got 5 disagrees? What did I say that was incorrect? Because as far as I'm concerned clicking disagree and not saying why is hardly a good retort now is it? Maybe I mentioned move, maybe I used logic.

Mafia2Rules1232958d ago

You probabably got the disagrees because you are saying that Natal will fail just because it's an add-on.
If its cheap and has fun games to play with it then I think it will sell very well.
Also Guitar Hero would be nothing without add-ons and they are very succesful.

Anon73492958d ago

Yeah, because 100$ add-ons tend to not sell well like Guitar hero, Rock Band, Wii Fit, Wii Motion Plus, ect

I'm positive that Natal and the Move will sell millions, there will be a big market for both games... and a game including Natal or Move would even sell MORE than it normally would without it.. If there's a family that wants to buy a game, are they going to buy the "normal game" or that new game that comes with the Move, or that game that includes Move/Natal support so they can play it on their new device?

Also, Sony/M$ will get developers to make games for their devices so there will be games on both and I already know the Move includes games for both the Casual Audience and the Core Audience for the more experienced gamers.

I can debunk your hole comment because it's full or flaws and misconceptions but I'd rather not. Now you know why you have twice as much disagrees as you have agrees.

sid4gamerfreak2957d ago

Motion controls r gonna fail, the move and natal will fail.

The winner = keyboard mouse and controller

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Jack Klugman2958d ago

eyetoy is a 2D webcam but the eye is 3d

IdleLeeSiuLung2958d ago

Please explain how PS Eye is 3D....

claterz2958d ago

I didn't think the PS eye needed to be 3D, It tracks the Move controller which means it has depth perception in 3D space. right?? =/

Microsoft Xbox 3602958d ago

Yes. The way the Move tech is built, you won't need a 3d cam. A Move controller plus a standard PSEye can detect depth just fine.

Jack Klugman2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

eye reads X+Y+Z space.. but still it is nothing like Natal which is doing true 3d full body tracking with true depth of field.

dont get me wrong i am not defending that glorified web cam at all.

edhe2957d ago

How does it read 3d then, as a simple camera without steroscope or depth perception?

It.. doesn't..

it needs move to let the ps3 calculate depth.

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Microsoft Xbox 3602958d ago

What's new? They're demonstrating Natal out someplace foreign again.

waltercross2957d ago

I Was gonna say something about that to, why there?.

xTruthx2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

They only showed 30 secs of them using it and then below they have the fake video :/. If you think its not fake then you must look again, if you look at it. It doesn't even have 1.1 lag or anything, its perfectly timed. Be honest... doesn't it feel like their trying to fool people ?

lowcarb2958d ago

I've found that people look stupid holding control pads as well. I think the whole you look stupid thing comes from the dance games. Natal will be fine and once it hits other products then people will love it and understand.

DatNJDom812958d ago

the same thing.... WHACK SOME BALLZZ!

inveni02958d ago

"Easy to learn how to best approach hitting the ball"

That quote tells me that Natal doesn't feel natural, and that you have to "adapt" to its problems (lag, etc) in order to have a decent experience. Translation: Things don't look good for Natal.

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EvilBlackCat2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Stay away from natal and eye toy cam

Remember both cameras have face recognition and the storage data is shared with people non related with the video game industry just like Facebook, My Space and many others.

Fnck both!!!

THIS technology can go to hell. NOT BUYING THIS STUFF!



SOON TVS ARE GOING TO HAVE a mini CAMERA just like apples i macs


edhe2957d ago

To find out who your mum is and ... stuff.

harrisk9542958d ago

"The game is also pretty forgiving so you usually hits the ball even if it is a little too late or too early in its kind."

Isn't this called "lag"?

vhero2957d ago

Wow I knew people would look sill playing NATAL I didn't think they would look that silly.. I guess if your in your own home it's not so bad however that could still turn off people.

benandlol2957d ago

The sheer irony of that statement brings tears to my eyes.

pixelsword2957d ago

you can't judge a whole system just upon one game that may yet still be merely a demo.

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bobrea2958d ago

They look like idiots. I didn't like EyeToy and Natal is just as stupid. No way in Hell am I buying this crap.

ThatCanadianGuy2958d ago

The guy looked like he has down syndrome

bobrea2958d ago

I think it's funny that people can disagree with my OPINION. I don't get people on forums sometimes.

edhe2957d ago

Then you've got life all wrong.

You can disagree or agree with opinions as much as you like, it's facts that you can't disagree with.

Despite what right wing american political groups try to do.

Marquis_de_Sade2958d ago

Of course people can disagree with your opinion you nimrod. You say something, and people disagree with it, whether or not it's your opinion is irrelevant.

bobrea2953d ago

I guess I meant that people say my opinion is wrong. I worded it incorrectly

Christopher2958d ago

***So far it lags a bit and may therefore not fit quite as well with time-critical and more precision-oriented games.***

A bit of honesty is nice compared to the other articles that don't know what to talk about other than the local stars who got to play the game and aren't really into games in the first place.

Sadly, it looks like Microsoft is just making the rounds around Europe to make sure everyone has seen and played the brick-breaker game. I'm really hoping they have a lot to present that isn't more of the same at E3.

niceguywii602958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

***it should be mentioned that there was a development version of Natal we played in the film and a lot can happen in the months that remain before it is time for the official premiere of Project Natal.***

Sadly Sony and fanboys are doing everything they can to make the PS Move seem like it's going to offer some thing close to Natal's experience. Sony is desperate and so are their fanboys trying to push move as something other than a Wiimote clone. Sony is scared and they know the PS move won't be seen as the next revolution. Sony is desperately trying to hype MOVE now in shops trying to trick people in buying the Wii in HD before Natal comes. People are waiting for Natal.

manna2958d ago

ummm yea is hyping cos their scared, if dere wrent scared they would jst sit there and let the product sell itself..can u name a company tht does tht..oh yea microsoft with natal right?....tsk tsk not to sound like a fanboy but as impressive as they made natal sound so far i've not seen a single gameplay video of it jst the red ball thing and tht isreali guy showing how it atleast have convinced me tht they got theirs on lock down by showing demos with actual gameplay and other applications of the move...i mean if we were to all act like you and let our imaginations be reality i could easily say tht all we've seen with the move is the development version too and alot can happen in the months b4 release..i mean has sony said tht they've completed its development?!....... here's a candy for ur sillyness

Christopher2958d ago

I didn't forget it at all. The fact of the manner is that we've heard that same thing since the beginning of the year as well as Microsoft employees saying that the 'lag' has been gone out of demo machines.

The sad thing is, if the lag is gone, why haven't they updated their demo machines to the latest build so that people will report on how little lag there is instead of how there is still the same lag from last year's E3?

From a marketing and business-standpoint, I'm highly skeptical that they have fixed the issues based on their inability to prove it.

Also, note my last sentence. I'd be gladly proven wrong at E3, but I'm also amazed that they would take that long to prove it when they could have done it in January of this year.

rob60212958d ago

I don't think you'll be proven wrong at e3 because MS isn't allowing cameras when they show off Natal... You'll just be hearing from selected individuals who liked it.

Alcon Caper2958d ago

That's what he wrote. That's what everyone writes.

I'm getting it because I like to have fun.

R2D22958d ago

Fanboyism aside - I thought the point of games was to have FUN and not how cool you look.

table2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

I have a ball... perhaps you'd like to bounce it?

How fun can it honestly be. Get outside with your mates if you want fun, don't spend $100 dollars on an unproven add on that has you flapping around in the living room. This may sound quite cynical, but it's not difficult to come to this conclusion. If you watch the video, you can see Natal getting old fast.

Alcon Caper2958d ago

But reading your debbie-downer posts is not fun. Maybe you'll realize that fun can include the use of your whole body and not just your eyes and your fingers.


table2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

If Natal floats your boat then all the more power to you, to me it looks rather lowbrow and unpractical. I don't need the opinion of others to convince me, that's not proof, I make my own mind up based on the evidence. I think Natal will fail, but if others can get fun from it then good for them.

4Sh0w2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

"How fun can it honestly be. Get outside with your mates if you want fun, don't spend $100 dollars on an unproven add on that has you flapping around in the living room."

First off, you know its possible to do "get outside" and play Natal right? Also you could make the same arguement for just about anything. Examples:

Videogames with standard controller=
"How fun can *videogames* honestly be. Get outside with your mates if you want fun, don't spend *$200-$600* dollars on *games console*, *just to sit on the couch* in the living room." (Actually this is still something commonly said about gamers, by non-gamers)

I have a few friends who love fishing, some even claim its a sport but I always found it very boring however I've went along with them on occasion simply for the conversation and because I know how much they like it and appreciate me coming along, but honestly everytime I find myself thinking, How can anybody consider sitting on a boat with a disgusting smell of dead fish bait and all the other BS that comes along with fishing for 5, 6hrs be fun? Seriously what sane person wants to do that for fun, when you could drive 5min to grocery store and buy it? Well I guess its simple= People interpret FUN in very different ways. Of course there are cleary times when MOST reasonable people can agree that one man's idea of fun is really just stupidity, i.e. highly dangerous activities that have no purpose/don't get paid etc but for the most part if its harmless and some find it entertaining, then shoving your opinion down someone else's throat really makes you look like the bigger fool.

With that said, I'm sure there will be plenty of Natal and Move games, most of us, including myself that we wont like, I'm just hoping there a few that I will enjoy. Sorry for the rant.

Alcon Caper2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )



table2958d ago

I liked your post 4show and I agree with a lot of your points however I still hold that my sentiments on Natal are accurate.

Wh15ky2957d ago

I have always found the "because it's fun" statement to be very shallow and rather meaningless.

If you try something for the first time and find it fun it will probably make you want to come back for more. However, after a while the fun factor will dissipate and if there is nothing else there to make it appealing there is no other reason to come back.

The first time I played Wii sports I found it fun, it was with a room full of people and we had a great laugh. However, when I tried it on my own the fun factor dissappeared very quickly and it turned out there was nothing else there to make me want to continue playing - please understand I am refering only to Wii Sports, there are some great single player experiences on the Wii.

When I first went fly fishing it was with my dad and brother when I was a kid, I found it fun then but I wouldn't say the reason I still fish is because it's fun. The reason I still do it is because it's challenging, rewarding and satisfying. These are the 3 main reasons that I also enjoy golfing, boxing, squash and gaming and I will always rate these 3 attributes above "fun".

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Theonetheonly2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Im sorry man i see you have 11 disagrees on your choice to get this, I cannot stand how this place is turning into communist nixon-ism. Anything about anything gets disagreed. You go and do what you want. one of the agrees is from me.