Being Michael Pachter

If you read about videogames on the internet then you've probably heard of Michael Pachter.

That's because when something happens in the games industry, people ring him up or send him an email. He's one of our pre-eminent talking heads.

In his role as analyst for investment banking company Wedbush Morgan Securities, he also writes numerous reports on companies like Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard, advising investors on whether it's worth taking a punt on them.

As part of his research he also gets to sit in meeting rooms (probably not the windowless variety) with executives like John Riccitiello and listen to them outline why their company is worth investing in, which means he gets to find out about what's actually going on way earlier than most of us do, too.

But who is Michael Pachter? What does he do every day? Who cares?

Eurogamer decided to find out.

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