Analyst and Publisher Assumptions About Used Game Sales May be Flawed But Not Completely so

Columnist Phil Doherty of Nukezilla takes a look at some of the assumptions that may have led EA to adopting their recent practice of adding vouchers with sales of new games that will only allow the bearer to access online play.

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wardrox2844d ago

An interesting point about how games companies will make more money from shafting gamers, sadly.

Persistantthug2844d ago

It seems like legit users have to get shafted here as well. :(

mittwaffen2844d ago

They already hiked prices; and now want to rip us for trying to save money?

I hope none of you support companies that do this in the future; otherwise it tells them that they can rip our balls off at any point and we'll still keep buying them.

Inside_out2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I have not bought an EA game this yr, and I don't plan too...All video games sold by EA should come with a warning label...this game is worth a 2/3rd less right after you buy it....Video game outlets should start making a seperate shelf for EA and Ubi-soft....they want to charge for demo's now...this is getting UGLY...

mightydog12844d ago

I look at it this way if I sell a game say like fifa 9 then put that money toward fifa 10 do they lose money?....most gamers sell there games when they complete it then use the money for new release games.... its a balance the money still ends up in there pockets... I think its a bad move and will make some gamers think twise in buying ea games.....who trade there games like I mentioned

verygoodyear2844d ago

This is worrying because whereas you can't fight piracy, (DRM essentially doesn't work, people will always find ways through it) you can very easily use these measures to prevent pre-owned sales. Especially if stores are with them.

raddbj032843d ago

I think this is awesome. I love the people who buy the game new. 60 may be a lot for certain games, which is why you don't buy every game. Online adds replay value to any game, thus buying new shouldn't be an issue. Buy the single player games with no online used.

plus it just seems like everyone is cheap. 60 bucks isn't that much money, and yeah it may be a lot more to some than others, but if you can't afford it you can't afford it. Why does everyone have this sense of entitlement like you deserve things for free or like it's your right to play any game you want.

wake up. This is the real world. If you can't afford something you go without it. Not everyone can have iphones and mac books and bmw's and a summer home in miami. Same is true for video games...not everyone can afford to play.