Split/Second Interview

EU Playstation blog: We were very happy to have the producer of Split/Second, Jason Reid, over to our offices recently to show us the final build of the game. I got some hands-on time with it and it’s looking really great. I’m not a fan of driving games normally, so I was surprised to find myself losing track of time. This is a racing game that aspires to be a Hollywood movie in the style of Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer — a level of explosions, slow motion and large scale destruction that it easily lives up to.

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madpuppy2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

there seems to be something about it that doesn't "mesh" for me, It doesn't have that frenetic pace that Burnout does (BO3) and the cars don't seem to respond too well, steering feels like trying to swing your arms around real fast underwater. The graphics also don't really pop like a game like this should, and the resolution looks kinda' low and full of jaggies.
the game kind of reminds me more of full auto 2 with real cars.
Oh well, it is just the demo, maybe the full game will have these issues hashed out.

chasegarcia2964d ago

I thought the game had no real cars

madpuppy2964d ago

the cars looked like late model American muscle cars. the one you drive looks like the new camaro all the way down to the round flat top tail lights. but, you rare right, they never mention any car by name in thedemo and there is no badges on the cars so they may very well be look alikes.