E3 2010: EA Promise "Marquee" Title In 3D At E3, Confirm Their Line-Up For The Event

PushSquare: "EA bigwigs confirmed a list of software due to be shown at this year's E3 event last night, claiming that one big "marquee" title would be shown in 3D. Seeing as how the Playstation 3 is the only system set to support 3D this year (if you discount Nintendo's new 3DS anyway) we can't imagine what EA has to show - but we're secretly keeping our fingers crossed for 3D functionality in Criterion's upcoming Need For Speed game. And that'll probably be a PS3 exclusive feature unless Microsoft have something "dramatic" to announce."

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Gambit072869d ago

I'm guessing Dead Space 2 will have a 3D feature.

Son_Lee2869d ago

PLEASE let it be Mirror's Edge 2!