Battlefield: Bad Company 2 brings Onslaught as as the game reaches 5 million

Battlefield.Blog writes:

"Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has officially exceeded 5 million units sold world wide. Thanks to everyone who has supported Battlefield and bought a copy. In other good news we can officially announce Onslaught mode coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3."

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dangert122868d ago

Well done i think this game is the reason for cods price drop =/

Hanif-8762868d ago

To all the FPS fans out there that haven't bought this game yet. I feel really bad that your missing out on what i think is the best FPS ever made :-)

momonaboy2868d ago

ONE of the best FPS's ever made

KiRBY30002868d ago

best FPS ever made i dont know, but best FPS multiplayer experience of the gen, i say YES!

bruddahmanmatt2868d ago

And probably already on the disc too. Seriously DICE/EA, this **** is getting old. Keep this crap up and I won't have a problem putting BC2 on my shelf to collect dust once Red Dead Redemption comes out.

momonaboy2866d ago

yeah i found bruddahmanmatt on N4g! hahaha

vhero2868d ago

You can thank me for this people as Karma hates me right now. Why?? I traded in my copy yesterday as I finally got bored of the game HAHAHA Then this happens a new game mode... Typical! Ah well.. Got a crap load of other games to get through right now anyways..

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chak_2868d ago

where is PC version? screw that !

Fanb0y2868d ago

DICE stated that they won't use the current dedicated servers because this mode only has 4 players, neglecting 28 player slots in each server.

And they're not making it P2P cause that'll require them to share their client code - which they're not doing for security reasons.

Straight from the BFBC2 forums.

chak_2868d ago

yeah I've read that thanks. They should allow providers to host a 4 players mode AND a 24 slots server

Convas2868d ago

I gotta find the funds to acquire this game. Sheesh, this'll be just like Firefight and Horde, and I love that!

Now Bad Company 2 is complete package. You've got your Single Player Mode, Co-Operative Modes and Competitive Mode. What a deal!

Fanb0y2868d ago

Dam, Onslaught won't be free.
Way to divide your player base DICE.

Source: http://forums.electronicart...

Scroll down a bit.

KiRBY30002868d ago

you sir are correct, its not free.

this new mode is awesome news tho, i hope they dont charge too much for it. and Dice, i still want NEW MAPS!

dardinkay2868d ago

Good thing I acquired this game when it came out :D

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The story is too old to be commented.