Zombie: 'Big studios need to up their game'

Jared Gerritzen, lead designer of the upcoming download only FPS Blacklight: Tango Down, has said that bigger studios need to "step up" when it comes to offering value for money.

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dangert122901d ago

i have never brought in game content
just games i felt were worth it
Perfect dark 800ms
Splosion man 1200 ms still haven't completed it
battlefied 1943 1200 ms
and gemotry wars 2 for 400 ms points when it was on offer not to long ago
and i'd pick all of those games over a map pack of 5 maps at the same price
i still need to buy shadow complex =)

but we all no activision are greedy and would rather give a littile for alot
but yeah i don't purchase there crap i like forza's car packs but ever brought one because games like worms cost the same price i'd rather worms then 10 cars lol

mittwaffen2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

companies are getting way way way to carried away.

They first up prices; then add dlc (I remember when most was free on the first xbox) then they rip us off; now companies want to charge us to play a non-mmo game online.

I will be very very selective with my games in the future just to make sure it happens.

dangert122901d ago

who was always getting games on day one but last year i took a good look at what i wanted cause there were to many games and said this habit needs to stop.
I wanted.
Dragon age
Battlefied BC 2
Mass effect 2
Splinter cell conviction
Ninty nine nights 2
Halo reach
Fall out vegas
Super street fighter
Alpha protecols
Alan wake
and then released there would be unannouced games for the year 2
so i've just started waiting for price drops now and getting them new after that

Forza 3 i got brand new at release that game is the last game i got at the end of last year.then last month i picked up odst for £20 brand new that was half price and before the beta was bonus.then the next game i purchased is alan wake and the only reason i order that early (pre order) was because of its limited addition is an attractive deal its limited collects adition is cheaper then call of duty mw 2 normal deal brand new or pre owned round here.
plus games i wanted like dragon age are like £14-15pound brand new now which is a great hep since it has quiet abit of dlc but i'ma stick it out a while longer and see if thes like a goty edition of it