MS: 3D Xbox 360 games "will continue to evolve"

Microsoft has said that Xbox 360 will support 3D games and entertainment as adoption of the technology grows.

"As we've said before, 3D games are available today on Xbox 360 and will continue to evolve. Today, you can buy a 3DTV and wear glasses to play games like Avatar, and more titles like Batman: Arkham Asylum are on the way."

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Shendow2812d ago

Batman is coming out with a GOTY an it comes with paper 3D glasses (So you don't need a 3D TV for it) and Avatar the game isn't as good as the movie in Digital 3D.

Sorry but the 360 is only getting the downgrade of 3D and isn't getting the software build in it, PS3 has the 3D software already in it the day Avatar came out on DVD/Bluray.

Besides with a 3D TV, any game system can be in 3D with them, read about those TV's. It even says it will make your cable 3D and some of them you can turn off the 3D (I think only Sony an Samsung are the only ones that you can turn off but maybe LG).

darthv722811d ago

which seems to explain their relaxed approach to 3d. Some would have you argue that the 360 CANT do 3d but then again it really depends on whos definition of 3d we are listening to.

There is this one indie game on the 360. It is a very basic space rail type shooter that you can play without 3d and then you can play it with the red/blue 3d (anaglyph) or an even older method called side by side.

I tried it in the side by side and it was a trip cause you basically have to cross your eyes and instead of seeing two images (side by side) you see a total of three with the center being the combination of the other two. Archaic but it actually worked. Made my eyes hurt a bit.

Anyway, that part isnt really anything special, just pointing out there is this cool shooter on the indie games.

There is a company that has developed a software player that works with the ps3 and 360 and even pc's to make games and movies (mostly movies right now) into 3d using hdmi 1.2 minimum and a 3d capable tv. Just because MS hasnt been on the front lines proclaiming 3d this and that doesnt mean they are completely devoid of the possibility.

Is 3d the "future"...i dont know. Is motion the "future" again, i dont know. I do know that with the push for both i will be broke in the "future"

mittwaffen2812d ago

This is like 8bit gaming compared to todays.

3D can get ALOT better; not worth picking up right now first gen 3D tv's.

Or it might be a phase.....

dangert122812d ago

need't waste time this gen on 3d not many will be able to use that feature on the playstation this gen while its a nice feature 2 have.
games cost to much, i still ain't got a hd tv =/ and then the addons for it etc
don't get to ahead of the game yeah sonny hs the most potential but its not really relivent to them atm they should make psn on par or better then xbox live they should make sure that theere console is cheap enough for people to be getting the extra's like the 3d tv glasses and transmitter etc

Hotel_Moscow2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

yes because all advancement should stop in terms of technology

because some cant afford it

dangert122811d ago

i did't say that but 3d is to far ahead i mean do you know 1 person with a 3d tv?

Hotel_Moscow2811d ago

im the wrong person to ask about that wher ei live the cost of living is 50 percent higher than the average cost of living in the united states