PSP 2 – the big E3 surprise?

We already have a fair idea what to expect at next month’s E3 – plenty of into about Move, Natal and the 3DS (and Vitality Sensor) for instance – but Sony could perhaps be saving the biggest surprise of all.

MCV has been informed of a significant increase in marketing spend at two key publishers for Q4 2010. At a time when the PSP is languishing in Western markets – and its most recent iteration, the PSPgo, is falling flat – it is being speculated that publishers are laying the ground for an offensive on a brand new iteration of Sony’s handheld.

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arakouftaian2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Its wird how i and many others think the same.
I think is because you ask yourselt
what could be bigger than LBP2?

The answer s the PSP2
and maybe with lbp2 on launch day.
The next GT, KZ psp2, uncharted psp2.SOCOM psp2. SOTC psp2.
On launch day or o b fair 1 year of PSP2 life

Day 1 buy for PSP from me and 10 other millions users

WhittO2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I dont know, really it has been a long time since the launch of the PSP, but with so many frequent model updates etc a PSP2 still seems too soon - or unnecessary.

Unless it was totally different and not just a PSP 1.5 with slightly improved performance.

Im just hoping for a big PSN update, Killzone 3 and Resistance 3.

Edit: At those saying it will have an OLED screen, there is no chance, the price of the screens has come down (as it was being discussed for the next iPhone) but they still cost around $100 PER Screen, so thats a 100% No on that.

Raf1k12959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

PSP 2 would be amazing especially if it could play PS2 games.
They could add a PS2 Classics section to PSN along with a backwards compatibility update to the PS3 sometime in the future.

edit: OLED isn't likely but I wouldn't rule it out. The people at Sony aren't the type to skimp on hardware though they do make some silly choices sometimes e.g. one analogue stick on the PSP.

WhittO2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

True, they do put high-quality hardware in their devices, but I think they will be aiming the PSP at a lower price-point of around $200-$250, I cant see them launching the PSP2 the same price as the PS3 haha.

deadreckoning6662959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Unless the PSP2 doubles as a phone, Sony shouldn't bother. This thing better have a camera and a touchscreen as well. Im not a big Apple fan, but I admit that the iphone has made the PSP Go an archaic device. Its just more consumer friendly. Mainstream America doesn't want to pay 30 bucks for a PSP game when they can pay $1-$5 for a touch controlled game on the phone they ALREADY have.

Also, if there is a PSP2, it'll likely be $250(200 at least) With the inevitable price drops of consoles this year, why would people go for a new PSP when they can buy a full 120gb console(360/PS3)??

@DA_SHREDDER- You hit the nail right on the head. I'd buy a PSP phone in a heartbeat, but I don't wanna have ta pay an expensive data plan. If Sony found away to give PSP phone buyers a cheap data plan service, aside from their phone service...that would be AMAZING.

DA_SHREDDER2959d ago

The psp2 needs 3g, psn access such as cross game video chat even with ps3 users, 3-D, 720p graphics, backwards compatibility for ps1,ps2, and psp games, touch screen, second analog stick, Home access, internal HDD, built in camera, and optional phone service. If they dont include 3/4 of that stuff it wont even be worth being on the market.

Raf1k12959d ago

720p on a handheld is a bit much don't you think?

DA_SHREDDER2959d ago

The Zune already does 720p, so why couldn't the psp2? Games don't have to be 720p native, but Im sure that first party devs can handle? I think it would be cool to have a touch screen on the Dual Shock 3's.

Trroy2959d ago

The Zune HD has about the same resolution as the PSP, actually.

It can upscale and send out a 720p signal to a TV, I believe, but that's not really "HD gaming".

Ju2959d ago

The problem with 720p on a handheld is, it all of a sudden becomes a competition to home consoles - given it'll have some sort of video out (PSP does).

Not from a consumer perspective, but for someone like Sony.

HolyOrangeCows2959d ago

The mainstream doesn't make up the entire market, silly.

Bring on the PSP2. With two control sticks, better graphics/processing, etc.

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Anarki2959d ago

Sony really need to step up their game with handhelds. If iPod and DS are selling like hotcakes, what does that tell you? consumers WANT touch screens.
I really think that the PSP2 will be coming around soon...

Dnied2959d ago

I don't know if I'd want psp to have touchscreen unless it was for interactive / keyboard type things.. as for games.. 2 analogues and some decent L2/R2 buttons PLZZZZZ

ps2 compatibility would be insane as well. *crosses fingers

jaysquared2959d ago

" think is because you ask yourselt
what could be bigger than LBP2?"

Here comes the hyping up of LBP2 on N4G! Still remember all the hype about LBP1 how it was going to be the next youtube, going to introduce the PS3 to the casual gamers, sell like 2-3 million its first week! LOL!

D4RkNIKON2959d ago

If the PSP is to compete with the iphone/pod/pad, I would love to see 3G internet access so that a digital download portable makes more sense. Obviously it will need dual analog sticks. Here is my wishlist..

3G internet
Dual Analog
Touch screen
App store
Camera that can rotate front to back
Improved PSN access (Friends list, Messages, Home, Video voice and text chat)
User Generated Content in App Store and PS Store

One can only wish..

MEsoJD2959d ago

.......if you know want I mean :p

Anarki2959d ago

lol you're implying a Sony exec would lose the psp2?
Lets hope so..

Noctis Aftermath2959d ago

It's going to be a much more powerful version of the current PSP but with dual nubs, touchscreen and accelerometer, onboard flash memory (16-32gb), better online gaming capabilities and have a much sleaker design.

I'm unsure of why people think it will bomb unless it's got 3D or 3G or some other random sh1t.
I just want a powerful portable handheld that gives me an experience like my PS3, 3G would require a subscription and also not even work in alot of countries, WiFi + Bluetooth will give you what you need in a handheld.

If you want 3G buy a phone, and nintendo has yet to prove if their 3D will be anything special, as it stands now 3D is barely any different to simple having better graphics.

As long as sony launch it at $250 or lower, have a great launch games lineup and have the features that i stated above it will sell well.

arakouftaian2959d ago

And a launch of good games at least 10 good games from the list i give
in year one .

3D, touch screen, 3G phone integrations will be just a
extra no needed. But i will wellcome it.

PS2 games on the PSN aré also around the córner
and this will be a big huge plus to add
great hits to the new PSP2.

HDscreen with the option to conect to my HD tv
and play my games in my HDtv

if does have two analog stick, great
but i will also like the feature to be able to sick the Dualshock controler
and play with them on my PSP2.

Good batery and fast to charge

another pls will be a build in GPS

2 mgpixels or 6 mgpixels build in camera

But the basic for the PSP2 succes is
two analog stocks and great games suport
on the 1 year and heavy support on year 2,3,4.

And im sold.

ThanatosDMC2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I really hope it's PSP2 with backwards compatibility for old PSP games. But i want it DD only so no one has a choice but to use PSN. Also, let mobile service providers let it connect to their 3G+.

But then again my HTC HD2 can become it's own modem... so either way.

Dual analogues for FPS games, better wifi instead of that B crap, bluetooth, lots of memory and ram, powerful cpu, long lasting battery like my HD2, portable like my PSP GO, Monster Hunter games and MAG, full video and picture file support since some AVI files cant be played on my GO and PS3.

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Jdoki2960d ago

I dunno about this...

With current levels of technology what can a PSP2 actually bring to the table?

Built in camera?
Built in GPS?
Dual analogue sticks?
Touch screen?
More CPU/GPU power?
OLED screen?

All these things are nice to have, but are more like a hardware refresh rather than a new PSP2 - because the underlying power of the PSP still hasn't been maxed out.

In addition there's no reason a PSP2 would get more dev support than the PSP. The PSP is not as cheap to develop for as a mobile phones, iPhone or Nintendo DS games - so Sony are unlikely to want to make the PSP 2 even more expensive to develop for by upping the features and horse power.

The normal cycle of increasing CPU/GPU power would be wasted on a handheld and just drive up price and drive down battery life (or drive up weight if a bigger battery is needed).

All in all I don't think the PSP 2 is needed. What we need is for the PSP to get more AAA games and another hardware refresh.

Raf1k12959d ago

The PSPs better hardware means that devs can create games with better visuals which requires more work but there's no reason why they can't make simpler games for it like the ones found on the iPhone or DS.

Adding a touch screen would allow developers to port games to the PSP with improved visuals.

Adding accelerometers would allow for iPhone ports too.

Better CPU/GPU power with another analogue stick may allow PS2 games to be ported to it too and maybe even play PS3 games by using the PSPs controls and streaming from the PS3. 3D Dot Game Heroes would be great to play on PSP and hopefully there will be a port or another version of it for PSP at some point.

Having said that I do think that maybe they should wait another year or two and actually don't think there will be another PSP before the DS 2.

Ju2959d ago

I agree with both of you.

I would wait for a PSP2 until the technology is cheap enough and it's really needed. It has to top all the cell phones out on the market now (or to come) and has to have a battery run time like it has now - or more.

Currently there is no device out there which lasts that long. (I hate charging my iphone at least once a's a phone, god damn).

ThanatosDMC2959d ago

I dont understand why people would want touch screen though. That's what buttons are for, especially on a game console.

Ju2959d ago

I would want a touch. And full (background) Skype integration. And a better browser (Chrome?). Don't need the touch for gaming, though. But I hope the PSP2 will not be just a gaming device...

D4RkNIKON2959d ago

Not all but a lot of games (FPS especially) suffered from lack of the dual analog. Bothered the hell out of me and I have owned my PSP since day one. In fact I recently traded it in for GOW3 and haven't looked back. I am banking on a PSP2 and I will buy it day one.

remanutd552960d ago

if the psp 2 rumors are true then God of War Ghost of Sparta must be a launch title on the new little system.

WhittO2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

It almost seems like a waste for such good games to go to the PSP haha, I think they should really focus on building an amazing library for the launch of the next portable.

Lack of games was the biggest problem with the PSP, so launching with a large incoming library would make a big difference than only having a small handful of games.

snakebite362959d ago

I hope there are no more psp2 rumors or leaked info, because if it's true I want to be surprised at E3.

booni32959d ago

PSP2 would be explosive.

Blacktric2959d ago

Just want a proper Linux support for PSP 2. Nothing else.

Blacktric2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Love these phantom disagrees. At least say why you are disagreeing before stupidly using the button.

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