IGN - Dead Space 2 Preview

When I think of the original Dead Space, I remember being strapped for ammo and loving it. It always seemed like I was one bad shot away from being completely defenseless against a sea of Necromorphs that wanted to tear off my head or hack apart my limbs, and that made the experience exciting. One moment during my Dead Space 2 demo makes me think this sequel can live up to the original: our hero Isaac Clarke rounded a corner, entered a hallway, and a crew of creepy, bloodthirsty villains exploded from the air ducts. There wasn't enough ammo to take out each and every baddie, so the player aimed past the bad guys, pulled the trigger, and shattered the glass separating the air inside from the vacuum of nothingness outside.

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IMChampion2965d ago

Looks promising like the first. Confession, I never finished the first one because it was so scary, for me anyway. That's how good of a title it was though, I will finish it one day, plenty of time since part two comes out next year.


did you actually get to the last stage ?

I really loved every min of Dead Space. played and finished it about 4 or 5 times. it's my favorite new IP this gen.

You must finish it though, there are some great twists and story in there.

IMChampion2965d ago

Never got to the last part, I actually got to the 6th, that's as much as my heart could take lol. I think I'll play it minus the 5.1 surround, the game has some great ambient atmospheric sounds.

Run_bare2965d ago

I play it twice and loving it, might do it again for the 3rd time just a few weeks before the 2nd one arrive.