The Best PlayStation 3 Game of E307

Sony had a huge showing this year with tons of games and actual gameplay to show (instead of pre-rendered trailers). Will it be the awesome looking Killzone 2? Ratchet & Clank Future: Weapons of Destruction? Heavenly Sword? You'll have to watch the video to find out.

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ad4mb4169d ago

well that surprised me.

Rhezin4169d ago

suprised tomb raider got the #1

EZCheez4169d ago

You're just casting the line with that comment aren't you?

timmyp534169d ago

it takes influences from everywhere action pack movies/ novels .. they really did their research on this game i think its gonna be awesome.

EZCheez4169d ago (Edited 4169d ago )

They made a decent choice but i'm starting not to care what G4 thinks anymore. G4 managed to mess up coverage of E3 in ways that I couldn't even imagine. How much does it cost for decent cameraman?

And I hope that the guy who made the call to go to commercial during the initial Halo 3 footage was fired. It's wasn't my highlight of E3 but I can't even imagine how many people threw their remotes at the TV when that happened. I would have done the same if they went to commercial once the KZ2 footage started.

"All of what you are about to see is in-game footage!" The screen goes dark...........all of a sudden you're watching the commercial for Code Monkeys.

Premonition4169d ago

I dont know if its me but I always have problems with G4 videos, they start and play for a few seconds then they restart. BTW cant wait to get this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.