More Details on White Knight Chronicles 2 Revealed; Import WKC1 Data

In addition to the release date that Famitsu Magazine revealed this week for White Knight Chronicles 2, more details on the game have been revealed.

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MattyF2987d ago

Import data is a major plus.

xTruthx2987d ago

Yeah, having to start from 0 on your guild rank would of sucked lol. Hope they have a lot more online quest's this time.

MightyMark4272987d ago

I now have a reason to finish the first game... I stopped near the end of the game cuz I got bored haha

ShadyDevil2987d ago

Same here i quit twords the end.

-EvoAnubis-2987d ago

This was actually the make or break for me. I put a lot of work into WKC; knowing that it'll matter in part two makes me all the more committed.

TheHater2987d ago

I don't want to loose my GR11 and all the weapons and armors I created

xTruthx2987d ago

holy crap you got that far lol

Redempteur2987d ago

GR is carried over !!!!


I guess we can start at lv 50 to go to lv 100

georama items too ..that's awesome ...( they better add more environnements for georamas )
A snowing georama town would be nice

LordMarius2987d ago

NOOOOO!!! you stole my avatar

aftrdark212987d ago

I have to start back playing this game. I got it when it came out, but I've been caught up in the flood of great games that have came out this year.

aftrdark212987d ago

disagrees for saying there has been a flood of great games?

Philaroni2987d ago

My main complaint with WKC is the over all production value and the story. Honestly if they spent 1 more year on it, it would have been amazing, now that they have the tools built they can focus on the core aspects of WKC2.

madjedi2987d ago

Considering it was a first generation ps3 game that was already a yr+ old when we got it, i don't have any issue with wkc production values or storyline. Jrpgs especially take several yrs to make, the first one was in development since 2005, and they have 2 more to go.

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The story is too old to be commented.