Incredible Fan Made Pokemon Black & White Starters That We Wish Were Real

Ironstar:"We can expect the latest issue of the Japanese magazine Coro-Coro to leak on the internet any day now. The new issue is expected to include images of the highly anticipated Pokemon Black & White starter Pokemon."

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unkn0wn2959d ago

Because everybody cares so much about this.. sigh.

DailyAddict2959d ago

Do adults actually play with and watch Pokemon? I mean I don't know a whole lot about Anime (is Pokemon even considered 'anime'?), but it's just always seemed like something that was geared towards little kids so seeing adults with Pokemon is a bit disturbing.

LordMarius2959d ago

lol, go to IGN and see who won the Pokemon Tournament

Get disturb

xHarvey2959d ago

The game is challenging when playing Wifi matches. The Anime sucks though IMHO.

GuruStarr782959d ago

adults play pokemon....those same adults are typically over thirty years old, live in their moms basement, beat off to samus from metroid, and are still breastfed........the only exercise they ever got was from a pokewalker, but they figured out how to get around that.

GuruStarr782958d ago

the only people who disagree with that last post are the ones who live like that.

steve30x2958d ago

I just wish Pokemon would go away forever.

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