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Use 3 Guns in Call of Duty Black Ops?

A man is shown holding akimbo pistols, with an M16, and a CAR15 on his back. Has the game evolved? Is there a change in mechanics? (Call of Duty: Black Ops, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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spunnups  +   1690d ago
Ohhh not 2 guns, but 3! That just screams innovation. If Nazi Zombies doesn't come back Treyarch, you can forget about getting my money.
darkmurder  +   1689d ago
I aint buying this cos I think Treyarch is bad ( I think they're underrated) but purely because I refuse to purchase any Activision game from now on until they fix their greedy ways.
Sm0k3y_Bac0n  +   1689d ago
Well i suppose they've got to add something to make it a different game to the last 217 CoD games to come out. Probs won't get it. Treyarch have no idea how to do competitive online and with MoH and Crysis 2 coming out, why would I want a MW2 clone set it Vietnam?
morganfell  +   1689d ago
More does not equal better. Sega couldn't learn that lesson with the Iron Man game, Treyarch couldn't learn that with Quantum of Solace and they didn't learn it here.

If MW2 is resting on the shoulders of Treyarch then the series is finished. Atlas they are not. And it doesn't help that while they are attempting to hold up the IP, kotich is nipping at their ankles like a rat.
Millah  +   1689d ago
As if COD didn't already have enough annoyances for crappy players to abuse.
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raztad  +   1689d ago
I think the "only two weapons" mechanics in the story mode is flawed and it's frankly unnecessary. It kind of works in MW because all the goons are the same, no challenging bosses, no need for different tactics, or different kind of weapons.

If Black Ops is a more variated game a third or more weapon will be absolutely necessary.
Double Toasted  +   1689d ago
Hmmm...Triple Toasted?
claterz  +   1689d ago
it was so much better on CoD4 when you only had one primary and your secondary had to be a pistol, and if you wanted 2 primary weapons you had to use a perk. << keep it that way! <<
DarkTower805  +   1689d ago
I hated the fact that in MW2 you couldn't use a shotgun as a primary like you could in COD4. I hope Black Ops gives us the option to use the shotty as a primary.
Fanb0y  +   1690d ago
As long as each weapon fits a particular role/niche and aren't all purpose weapons - SMGs being proficient at sniping, snipers at close quarters etc.
xAlmostPro  +   1689d ago
how can you expect snipers not to work at close range?.. they can reach long range, meaning it passes throught the short range barriers.. -_- its the smg's that shouldnt be able to snipe though, because there designed for close range
Hotel_Moscow  +   1689d ago
not when you have auto assist aim for all guns so when the scope up close they think their so l337 while not bothering the fact that when youre cross hair is on some one that it tracks the target i know i used a sniper and i was better at it in close range than i was at actually sniping
aviator189  +   1690d ago
Something different...
If they are trying something different, it could be a breath of fresh air. Or it could scream for abuse, but seeing as how Treyarch has been keeping an eye on the MW 2 disgruntled players' complaints. I doubt that.

I'm interested seeing what they have up their sleeve.

Zombies is going to be awesome though!!

Theater mode would make an awesome addition to this game, seeing as how many of us get many cool shots that we can never share or live again.
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Gestalt  +   1689d ago
It could always be "use as many guns as you can carry".

Just throwing that out there; it's always an option. Though ammunition might be a problem...
Ironfungus  +   1689d ago
It's more accessible guys, yeah!
dizzleK  +   1689d ago
akimbo? *groans*
ultramoot  +   1689d ago
Oooh...3 guns, so innovative. /sarcasm

You can bet at least some deluded fans will think this game is the first to use more than 3 guns in the FPS genre.
Nike  +   1689d ago

I hate slow news days.
xAlmostPro  +   1689d ago
i highly doubt this will be a multiplayer feature, seeing as the devs have commented saying anything more then a primary and handgun as a secondary gives the player to much firepower.. this is probably just the way a character has been designed
Digitaldude  +   1689d ago
Just an image full of the ol cliche 'badassery'
THC CELL  +   1689d ago
3 guns now let me guess
2 shot guns what ruined mw2 and a belt mini gun?????
mittwaffen  +   1689d ago
Thats how its played man
Hardecore 1shot or nothing.
Major Kanimo  +   1689d ago
im with u on that cell, duel akimbos made me wana throw my controller threw my tv
micro_invader  +   1689d ago
Don't really care for the story, just thought I'd compliment the interesting rumour system rating thing up there. It's neat.
mittwaffen  +   1689d ago
But yeah
3 guns is really innovative; going from MW2 > Black Ops.

dipsetboy17   1689d ago | Spam
the-show-stopper  +   1689d ago
this has turned from a rumor discussion to a i hate treyrach and black ops discussion
Redempteur  +   1689d ago
I miss the days where in half-life i could freely use any weapon i had in order to fight each situation freely

oh i miss these days ...
Colonel-Killzone  +   1689d ago
Great more unbalance issues i see online sigh. They need to fix what needs to be fix before adding anything new. I hate when games have issues which all the call of duty games have and instead of fixing those issues they add new features etc which creates MORE ISSUES.
Theonik  +   1689d ago
OMG 3 GUNS!!11!111
So inovative! I have never seen a shooter where you could have 3 guns. I will proceed to give Activision my money and pre-order this!11 (extra RRP mind you)
AFatalPapercut  +   1689d ago
isn't a CAR15 the civilian model of an m16 (or m4 or something?) I dunno but this article just seems a bit off.
zdmas  +   1689d ago
No actually the CAR15 is the predecessor to the M4 and was used in the Vietnam War. Get your facets straight :)
I_Luv_2_Game  +   1689d ago
couldn't agree more.. I'm sure even how this would work.. Only time will time

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