Joystiq impressions: Folklore

Folklore promises a hefty amount of gameplay: 40 hours to play through with both characters (and both are necessary to unlock the "combined story.") Throughout the game, additional costumes for Ellen can be unlocked, and not only do they affect her appearance, they change her abilities as well. After completing the first chapter, players can enter Dungeon Trial mode, which allows players to create a 9x9 dungeon, which can be populated with creatures and items that you've collected in the single-player adventure. These dungeons can be shared online with friends...

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ALI G4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

that brought to you

EDIT:WHY DISAGREE ? this what the developer said at E06 (So here's this giant enemy crab, and you attack it's weak point for massive damage. )

EDIT: @timmyp53:i have nothing against this game, i am just saying it is the same developer made Genji:


timmyp534173d ago

gameplay wise and graphic wise... it looks awesome

Maddens Raiders4173d ago

Genji looks awesome too. Gameplay, not so much [ali-borat]. =]

Maddens Raiders4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

and I am impressed with what I've seen so far. My girlfriend and I can play this game with the same amount of enthusiasm and it's loads of fun with some great, great visuals. I think it will definitely be worth a purchase for me based on what I've played so far.


kewlkat0074173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

also on the backburner. I'll def purchase this game when there is a PS3 in my room. I know Genji wasn't anything great, if you remember the "crab" jokes but I have my eye on this one. Like I say, I play mostly RPG's on the PS brand, always will. This is like an action RPG, which takes advantage of the Sixaxis. It's good they are at least trying to utilize that feature.

MAddensRaiders, when do we get to see the New England Patriots Vs Raiders on XBL?..haha

I'm already getting excited for Pre-Season in a couple of weeks, Randy Moss is "Re-Born" I hope. I don't care how much Weed he smokes, Brady to Moss, all day.

Maddens Raiders4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

I have 2007 Madden on the PS3 and for the 360 and I think both of them sucked incredibly compared to 2006. Now, since both are coming in the next few weeks and they'll both be running @ 60frames, whatddya say we compromise somehow and just yuck it up on the Wii?lol

No, really I think Moss is going to be one of two things up there:

A. A resurgent, underachieving Hall of Famer that reaches the Zenith of professional football, with a ring...


B. A complete Daunte Culpepper / R. Williams like bust that continues to turn everything he touches into a cancerous lesion.

Man, Jamarcus is looking good....and I was j/k about the Wii comment..0_0

GoLeafsGo4173d ago

Holy cow..that's freakin' awesome!

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