Mario Kart Wish List compiles a wish list for Mario Kart for the Wii. Please add your thoughts.

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Mr VideoGames4051d ago


ChickeyCantor4051d ago

you care otherwise you wouldn't look here =D

ITR4051d ago

I do and I'm sure the 9 million other Wii owners do too.

Just because I don't own a PSP doesn't mean I don't care to hear about it or read about it.

rev204051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

I dont follow nintendo much or really care but there is one exception

Mario kart this is one of my all time favourite games and its harder to find a game you can have more fun on with 4 of ya m8s on a split screen even the n64 version is still quality and an awesome laugh with ya m8s.

Now with online mario kart this could be awesome ill definitly be getting it and dusting off my wii to play it

unsunghero284051d ago

I think we can judge by your glorious single bubble that no one cares what you think.