10 Things Every Star Trek Online Player Should Know (But Probably Doesn't)

Bright Hub writes: "Star Trek Online, like any MMO, is a game that takes awhile to master. Sure, you can get the basics down just by finishing the tutorial, but there are little tricks and secrets that players only pick up after playing the game for awhile.

These tricks run the gamut from uniform options to movement to keyboard shortcuts that can cut down the time it takes you to finish a mission drastically. Chances are every STO player has picked up a few of these things, but only someone who has been playing for awhile will have discovered them all."

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cyguration2907d ago

This is an outer-space version of Anarchy Online. It has "countless hours required to master" written all over it.

Muckbeast2907d ago

Thank goodness for this article!

gonzodamus2907d ago

God yes autorun. I remember the first time I discovered the autorun function in EQ. Made life so much easier!

Graffin2907d ago

It's a lifesaver, for sure. Especially when you're running the perimeter of Earth Starbase.

Galaga Master2907d ago

Thanks for the tips, this was a really in depth guide

2907d ago
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