The Ten Best Game Endings

NowGamer looks back at the ten best endings in gaming, with input from Mass Effect 2 Lead Writer Mac Walter and Fallout 3 Lead Writer Emil Pagliarulo.

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Tiberium2749d ago

It's the first game that comes to mind when I think about game endings.

fastrez2749d ago

Glad it got first, can't think of anything more deserving

Darkstorn2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

I actually thought Uncharted 2's ending was the weakest part of the game, especially the ending boss battle and the last cutscene.


cmrbe2749d ago

I thought the ending in U2 was brilliant. Nothing over dramatic. Just a straight forward scene with all the main characters.

Nate :"Sully your are a dirty old man"
Sully :"Yes i know"

Elena : So..on a scale of 10. How scared were you that i was going to die?.
Nate : uh... a 3.
Elena : A 3!!!.
Elena : So what scares you the most?.
Nate : Clowns.
Elena : Clowns??.
Nate : Yeah clowns.

This last bit had me cracking up at the end.

Trey_4_life2748d ago

Well it was ok for an ending in a game, not oscar worthy but still decent. The best ever ending in a video game is with MGS2, most epic finish to any game.

Steve_02748d ago

I disliked the final boss battle, at least it was more difficult than U1, but it was also pretty boring. Liked the ending though, not too much drama, some humorous batter combined with some beautiful scenery and the promise of more to come... not so emotional, but I was grinning madly anyway. left me pretty satisfied.
This list (even with SotC at 1) is completely rubbish as it did not mention either Metal Gear Solid 3 or 4 anywhere. Both are easily top 10 material, if not number 1.

Tainted Gene2748d ago

I was just going to say the same thing...MGS2 is one if not my favorite game ending. Especially after the credits fall and hearing Snake and Otacon's last conversation...

I still get goosebumps from it.

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AKS2749d ago

I agree completely. This set the new standard in my view. Respect the viewer's intelligence and let them do some of their own interpretation. Beautiful and haunting masterpiece by Ueda. He's 2 for 2, and he'll be 3 for 3 soon...

FanboysWillHateMe2748d ago

ending for any videogame I've ever played, without a doubt. Every single person's story is wrapped up, and the last cut scene was extremely satisfying. More often than not, videogame endings leave me wanting a bit more, because they'll often leave certain characters' fates unknown or unresolved.

sixaxis2748d ago

has someone heard anything about next hitman game? i need to know, cos i totally loved previous titles. and since it has been what? 5 years for now?!, its about time to release next one.

SpinalRemains1382748d ago

I have been waiting for more Agent 47 for what seems like forever now. Where is the dam game? I haven't poisoned anyone sniffing teenage underwear in ages! I need my fix.

Christopher2748d ago

Some of those I'm okay with. Gears of War just really didn't do squat for me, it felt extremely awkward in its development at the end especially. I thought the Gears of War 2 ending was better, and even that I wouldn't put on a top ten list.

inFamous had a good shock & awe ending and a great build up for things to come in the sequels. Not sure it would do well in this list.

Conker's Bad Fur Day is a great ending, IMHO. Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos had a great ending as well. And I'd put FFVI before FFVII for endings as well. MGS3 should have been on that list for endings, though, IMHO.

JoySticksFTW2748d ago

And I'd put Orcarina of Time before Zelda MM for the final boss battles alone. Pure epicness

Tomdc2748d ago

Surely such an award should go to my favourite game:


tplarkin72748d ago

Ico could be on this list, too. If you wait for the credits, you get a special ending.

Shenmue 2 had an amazing ending, too.

Tainted Gene2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I was the one who gave u a disagree, and its because of your Shemue 2 comment. That game, the franchise for that matter (if you call two games and a comic strip a franchise), is one of my all time favorites. But the SHENMUE 2 ending was horrible for two reasons:

It was a cliff hanger, a big 'beeping' cliff hanger.

The game has been on hiatus since that ending, since 2002 I think, so roughly a decade. A whole decade of wondering what happened to Ryo and Shen Hua in that cave.

But what makes it even worse, reason 3, is that the whole story is actually already done. When Yu Suzuki originally created Shenmue on the Sega Saturn he had all 17 chapters pf the story done.

But since the first chapter (Shenmue I on dreamcast) did poorly in sales and chapters 2,3, and 4 I think (Shenmue 2 on xbox) also did poorly in sales it was forever doomed the series. (end rant)

So in short, that is why Shemue II ending is not all.

ThdeGreatestOne2748d ago

but why the f*** isn't any of the Metal Gear Solid games on here? I thought 4 had a really strong ending...

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Hellsvacancy2749d ago

The Hitman Blood Money endin almost killed me, i never knew u could get back up and waste every-1 in the Church, it wasnt till nearly a year later when sum mofo told me that u could

Im surprised inFamous wasnt on the list, that had a mental endin, it actually made the game worth playin, MUCH looki 4-ward to inFamous 2

cmrbe2749d ago

is worth the money i bought it. Really can't wait for Infamous 2.

Aphe2749d ago

It was a pretty suprising ending, quite an epic way to finish it. The whole game was well done, I think they improved on everything in the series with Blood Money. Hopefully they'll be another.

As for inFamous, I'm going through it again to get the evil ending, awesome game. Maybe the sequel will get announced at E3.

Man In Black2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

For one thing, the AI was terrible. The ragdolls were shit compared to the previous games (bodies slid off of tables like butter), and it generally wasn't as good as Silent Assassin. Definitely an improvement in some areas over Contracts, though.

Aphe2749d ago

Rose tinted glasses surely MIB? The ragdolls were no better in previous games, and the AI was an improvement. The missions were better, the story was better, the different ways you could complete the assassinations were more varied. It was a big improvement.

I replayed Silent Assassin recently, and tbh it was best left in the past. It was nigh on unplayable now that I'd played Blood Money.

Man In Black2748d ago

The AI wasn't perfect before, but it was completely retarded in BM. At least in the old games, bodies didn't go completely flat, no matter where you shot them. Story was MUCH better in SA (hate the flashback structure of Contracts & BM), and it had more memorable missions (e.g. Invitation To A Party, Jacuzzi Job, etc), although there were a few duffers here and there (Hidden Valley was pretty bad).

Hellsvacancy2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Hidden Valley? man, that was 1 HARD level 2-get a Silent Assassin ratin, i did in the end, but it was hard and took forever

Hitman V, i want it more then any-1

Bubbles 2-u both 4 bein Hitman fans

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creatchee2748d ago

Yeah - I LOVE the Blood Money ending. I kinda wish it was bit higher. It kinda reminds me of the more recent end of Splinter Cell: Conviction, where...


You're helplessly bound in the Oval Office, hearing the bad guy giving his speech when "MARK EVERYONE" comes onto the screen. Awesome moment and quite a rush at the time!


Great list...

Blacktric2749d ago

Metal Gear Solid 3 is not even on the list? What a joke.

El_Colombiano2749d ago

How can MGS3 NOT be on this list!?

Ace Killa 082749d ago

i agree with the games i played on the list, HL2EP2 good ending it did leave me hating that the game just came out and i have to wait for EP3 or HL3. Sadly i always wanted to play Shadow of colossus but never got the chance to, so i wouldnt know the ending.

AKS2749d ago

The author made some excellent choices, but he obviously doesn't quite deserve a watermelon at the end due to these key omissions.