Red Octane's new wireless guitars, but what's Xbox 360's extra cost?

Red Octane showed Joystiq their new wireless controllers coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii with the release of Guitar Hero III this fall. The Wii version (seen above), allows you to put your Wiimote into it via a flap in the back. The rest of the controllers look fine and the buttons are in the perfect place so you don't "pull a Peter Moore" in GH III like you would in Rock Band.

The weird news is Red Octane's cagey attitude towards pricing between systems, the same thing Joystiq experienced with Harmonix about Rock Band...

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Caxtus7504171d ago

the extra cost is mentioned every time and so is the reason...special licensed technology rather than standard bluetooth which is an extra cost is most likely....why keep mentioning it.

Stiffler2034171d ago

Its simple just use your Guitar Hero 2 guitar no need to buy a new one.

tehcellownu4171d ago

microsoft just like overcharging on cheap hardware like their 360 and all there other love milkin lemmings

thereapersson4171d ago

Guitar Hero was best played on the PS2 because the guitar was designed better, though i'm glad that 360 owners who never got that chance ended up having one. I just hope that the wireless tech is precise enough to keep up with the fast movements that are required for some of the later songs. We'll see how this pans out, and to what cost the gamer will be met with.

ReBurn4170d ago

At least from a gameplay perspective. The Xbox 360 version is really good, but I thought it was missing something. I'll probably go with the PS3 version for GH3 so that I can upgrade hardware but keep the great PS2 game. I just hope that the PS3 version is just as good.

i Shank u4170d ago

I first played guitar hero on 360, then when my 360 broke i got Guitar Hero 1 for PS2 and thats the version i mostly play. The 360 controller sucks man why the hell did they have to make a crappy one? The HD graphics are nice tho...does anyone else get a crazy tripping feeling after they stare at the screen a while then look away?