GTA blamed again for carjacking

New Zealand Herald reports that a 20 year old man has blamed Grand Theft Auto for his theft and subsequent crash of a convertible.

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GoLeafsGo3966d ago

If GTA made you do this, maybe they oughta throw you in a place where there IS no GTA. My choice? Jail.

WhEeLz3965d ago

yea...just like GTA is getting blamed for ppl having s*e*x with prostitutes and then beatin the crap out of them afterwards to get your money

Bloodmask3966d ago

Nice one Princetab.

You are right though. People are blaming everything on video games these days. Movies are far more violent and influencial in my opinion.

ericbs3966d ago

Its ok to see commercials and ads of a movie like Saw 3 but its a huge no no for GTA to have any public advertisement? Somethings wrong with this picture, dontcha think?

deepujatt20053966d ago

video games haterz

that dude could make better excuse than blaming it on a game...

RyuCloudStrife3966d ago

I didn't know games could carjack

003966d ago

people who just want attention by blaming video games.

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The story is too old to be commented.