Listen to the E3 Halo 3 Demo

Only available to select few behind closed doors, here is a recording of Frank O' Connor of Bungie playing Halo 3.

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Schmitty074173d ago

The Grunts are still hilarious to listen to, and the battles seem so much more exciting with all the sounds and shouting.

Bloodmask4173d ago (Edited 4172d ago )

I do think it sounds petty cool, esp the Grunts.

Hearing everthing going on makes me want to play it that much more.

Can't wait until September.

JustCallMeDaddy4173d ago

did you guys actually listened to the whole thing?

Daewoodrow4172d ago

I just had to pause it for a second there, i'm being totally serious, the sounds and the flashes make the game sound awesome. That's not just idle Halo praise, I mean the sounds literally make me want to play the game. Must be psychological.

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The story is too old to be commented.