E3: Unreal Tournament III in-depth developer interview video

In this video interview, GameTrailers find out from Adam Hanson, assistant producer of Midway Games, about the tons of new content they've put into Unreal Tournament III.

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Tabasco4148d ago (Edited 4148d ago )

This Game Is Gonna be assume. Just wondering if anybody has an idea at what the minimum system specs I would need to be able to play it on my pc?

no_more_heroes4148d ago

get it for ps3 or wait for any possible extra bells and whistles in the 360 version. It's much cheaper.

ALIEN4148d ago (Edited 4148d ago )

is going to be amazing. Can't wait till i get my hands on this one. Im getting it on the PS3

GoLeafsGo4148d ago

It'd be nice if they could confirm the ability for mods for the PS3 version without having to buy the PC version >_<!

C'mon, Epic.

Kleptic4147d ago (Edited 4147d ago )

It has been confirmed that PC generated content will work back and forth between the ps3 and the PC...leaving the door open to PC's playing against PS3 users (MS would have a fit though...not sure what legality issues that creates...Epic claimed it was up to them and how they configure their master it still could be a possibility)...So basically it would make sense for some sort of application to be availalbe for download to a PC with a PoP number or something from your PS3 version of UT3...or even a linux based level editor to launch from your PS3...the latter of which seems more unlikely...

either way...There should be very little doubt that the PS3 version will also give access to some sort of application for creating your own maps and would sort of defeat the purpose of having the mods available on the PSN if it didn't...

the way Sony is handling the PSN and the amount of freedom they are allowing for some upcoming games is simply perfect...It is incredible for a network that isn't even a year old...I have a feeling this title for the PS3 is going to start a trend for consoles that MS is really going to need to address very quickly...If they keep XBL locked...any future games supporting mods will always be superior on the PS3...kind of bizarre in that that is what made gaming on a PC so superior in the first place...which was somthing MS made possible for the most part...

funkysolo4148d ago (Edited 4148d ago )

Last time they interveiw him, you could tell he was excited about the PS3 performance and kept praising it. When they asked last time when the 360 version was coming him made seem that they might not be one coming out since they stop working on it. Interesting, I'll buy it if they can get the 60fps on the PS3, This game is hugh and fast so it needs a good frame rate. As you can see I don't buy half ass games, If the developer wants my money he has to show me the goods. That's why I haven't paid full retail for a game since Gears of war. There is only a few games coming out that I will definitely buy on day one, that's heavenly sword, uncharted and Socom. Anything else has to show it's worth it or I'll just wait til I can buy it on ebay for half price. That's what I'm going to do with Halo3. Hopefully I can get Halo3 for half price by christmas because my son is going to want it.

shysun4148d ago

In the E3 interview he said it was 60F
PS on PS3.

Kleptic4147d ago

yeah 60fps with an unconfirmed native resolution...pretty unlikely that it will be a 1080p game I would bet...that is sort of what the developer being interviewed was getting at...that it will have lots of beautiful effects and lighting...but would most likely need to make a compromise in overall resolution to keep the speed up...

ChanDangle4148d ago

This games probably gonna put the fragFX controller to good use.

Cartesian3D4148d ago

UT3 on PS3 will support USB keyboard and mouse.. so u can use ur own mouse..(mine is Razer copperhead)

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