PS2 Review: Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix

You don't have to be a genius to realize that Harry Potter as a part of interactive media is a great idea; basically a game on Harry Potter makes a lot of sense. But sadly, the past games based on the various movies have been a major disappointment, with none of them even remotely representing the Harry Potter universe in its full glory. This time around, although the game looks a little better, it plays just the same. You will enjoy the game for the first 1 hour or so, but then the rest is just plain. But Techtree would recommend every Harry Potter enthusiasts to try the game; you never know, you might like it. Let's read more about the game.

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sony fan3933d ago

Screw the PS2, talk about last gen. That piece of crap can't touch my PS3. Drakes fortune can't even been done on the PS2 i bet, and GTA4, your gonna need more than one disc. You people enjoy your non-wireless controllers and DVD player, yay PS3! PS3 kicks ars! Ps2 owners suck.

killercam193933d ago

whats up with n4g these days y is ps2 news in the x360 section